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Residential (House) Post-construction Builders Cleaning Tasks and Checklist.

This Builders Cleaning Service is commonly known as "Post-construction cleaning," "Construction cleaning services," and "After builders cleaning services." It is an essential service for almost all properties that are newly constructed or nearing the completion of construction. Performing this cleaning is a critical requirement before the property can be handed back to its original owners.

The Builders Cleaning Service falls into two primary categories, reflecting the scope of cleaning required and the industry application:

  1. Residential Renovations and Builders Cleaning Services

  2. Commercial Renovations and Builders Cleaning Services

This article will primarily address the question, "What are the essential tasks involved in Residential Renovations and Builders Cleaning Service?" While there are similarities in the cleaning tasks required for both commercial and residential builders cleaning services, certain areas may demand specific attention or services unique to each category. The following detailed Residential Builders Cleaning Checklist provides insights into the tasks encompassed within a standard residential builders cleaning service package, as well as additional services available upon request. For clarity, we have categorized the tasks into separate sections, each detailing the standard cleaning tasks relevant to that area and explained individually.

1. Residential Renovations and Builders Cleaning Tasks Checklist (Single Story House)

Residential builders cleaning service is divided into two main categories, each with specific tasks, which are described below.

1.1 Property Interior Detailed Cleaning

1.1.1 Kitchen Cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning inside pantry and cupboards, including removal of stickers and dust, ensuring no visible dirt remains. Use electric blowers or vacuum cleaners and clean surfaces with wet/damp cloth using safe cleaning solutions.

  • Removal of plastic protective films on kitchen benches, clean all excess glue, and polishing stone benchtops to leave no residues.

  • Cleaning kitchen flashbacks by removing finger marks and excess glue or silicone, employing window cleaning washers and squeegees to avoid smears.

  • Sticker removal from the edges of stone benchtops and cleaning of excess glue residues.

  • Washing and polishing of kitchen wall tiles to remove any smears.

  • Stainless steel fittings are cleaned and polished with suitable cleaning solutions and polishes.

1.1.2 Laundry Cleaning
  • Follow similar cleaning methods as kitchen for pantry cupboards, benches, and stone benchtops in the laundry.

  • Cleaning and polishing of stainless steel laundry sinks and fittings.

1.1.3 Lounge Cleaning
  • Cleaning of light fittings, switches, and air conditioning units along with floor sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping or deep scrubbing as needed.

1.1.4 Bedrooms Cleaning
  • Wardrobe and cupboard cleaning to standard specifications, including removal of markings and cleaning of mirrors without leaving smears.

1.1.5 Washrooms Cleaning
  • Comprehensive cleaning of bathroom cupboards, mirrors, sink, bath, shower screens, wall tiles, and stainless steel fittings, including removal of protective films and polishing of surfaces.

1.1.6 Powder Rooms and Toilets Cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning of cupboards, toilet fittings, and sinks, with special attention to removing excess glue residues and polishing stainless steel fittings.

1.1.7 Storage Cupboards and Walkways Cleaning
  • Ensuring these areas are free from dirt, dust, stickers, and markings, with careful cleaning of surfaces and light fittings.

1.1.8 Garage Floor Cleaning
  • Removal of rubbish and sweeping of the garage floor.

1.2 Interior and Exterior Windows, Tracks, Frames, Glasses, and Sills Cleaning.

  • Detailed cleaning of window components, including tape removal, sticker , paint, cement, glue, plaster removal, thorough cleaning of tracks to remove sand, dirt, dust and detailed cleaning of window frames and glasses using non-scratchy cleaning sponges, washers, squeegees and window specialised glass scrappers. Special attention is given to non-scratch methods for delicate surfaces and the use of specialized window cleaning tools for glass cleaning without leaving streaks or stains. Extra care is required for windows with tints to avoid scratches. (Read:

This comprehensive checklist outlines the detailed tasks involved in a residential builders cleaning service, ensuring a thorough cleaning and preparation of the property for handover.

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