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Choose Zavvers for Your Final Post Construction and Renovation Cleaning Needs in Perth WA. High-Quality Clean Guaranteed! Free Quotes for Blueprint-Based Estimates Available.


Superior Builders Cleaning in Perth for Residential & Commercial Properties

For builders cleaning in Perth, Zavvers offers top-notch post-construction and renovation cleaning services. We specialize in detailed cleaning to make newly built or renovated properties spotlessly clean, ensuring an immaculate finish. Our expertise spans over 10 years, providing reliable and flexible services for buildings up to 3 stories high. Zavvers understands the importance of a thorough first clean, which sets the stage for easier regular maintenance. Our cleaning services extend to various cleaning needs, including window cleaning and hard floor cleaning, delivered with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the Perth region.

We Offer


Builder cleaning expertise with 10+ years of experience


Guaranteed brand new and spotless clean finished look


Builders cleaning, renovation cleaning, windows cleaning, hard floor cleaning, pressure wash cleaning & more


Affordable, reliable, and flexible builders cleaning service

We deliver an elegant finishing to your newly built or renovated property after removing all dirt, dust, and other debris from the site. This builders’ clean is the first detailed clean you get for many years. Therefore, we assure that it will appear immaculately finished when handing over the cleaned property back to you. Our services extend to buildings up to 3 stories high, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Additionally, we address any issues promptly and without additional cost to you. For renovation projects, including floor strip and seal or floor scrubbing, we invite you to send us your blueprints for accurate estimations.

What is included in Post Construction Cleaing?

Exterior and interior pressure washing

Exterior and interior deep washing

Exterior and interior deep washing

Exterior and interior Window cleaning

Interior detailed cleaning

Calcium deposit removal from windows

Dust and debris removal from all surfaces

Stainless steel cleaning and polishing

Grout and tile deep cleaning

Carpet steaming and stain removal

Cleaning of skirting boards, window sills, and door frames

Sanitizing high-contact areas

Detailed kitchen clean-up

Cement residue removal

Vent and duct cleaning

Interior wall washing

Deep floor cleaning

Deep floor cleaning

Floor polishing

Rust removal


Why Choose Zavvers For This?

Fully insured and public liability insurance up to $20 000 000.

Non-scratchy and quality assured cleaning services.

On-time service delivery and quality assurance guaranteed.

Complementary services for eligible clients.

Effective communication across the board for ongoing projects.

24/7 service availability for cleaning projects of any size within the Perth region.

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Ongoing Construction Site Cleaning

At Zavvers, we understand that maintaining a clean and safe construction site is crucial for the efficiency and safety of your ongoing projects. Our Ongoing Construction Site Cleaning services are tailored to meet the unique needs of active construction environments, ensuring your site remains clean, compliant, and conducive to productive work.

  • Regular Cleaning

  • Dust and Debris control

  • Surface Cleaning

  • Equipment Cleaning

  • Floor Care

  • Customized Solution

Window Cleaners

How Our Builders Cleaning Services Work

When you decide to hire a Builders Cleaning Service, it is important for you to first determine which factors should lead your decision. Key determinants are:

  • Type of the Property (renovation or builders clean-up for residential, commercial or industrial property)

  • Level of Cleanliness required

Each component has their own options listed. We help you assess the importance of each component, inform you of the scope, duration, equipment and material required to come up with the cleaning game plan most suitable for your property.

Quote For Builders Cleaning

Why builders cleaning is important?

It is important as once the initial builders clean is done properly with meticulous attention to each element, then only regular maintenance is required as necessary. Professionals know the best cost-effective methods, secure and safe techniques, time-saving tips, industry standards, and the right equipment and material to get this done flawlessly.

Other Services


Office Cleaning

ZAVVERS premium office cleaning package is the solution for small, medium and large office owners in Perth WA. Our process includes delegating a specific customer representative for each office cleaning project and depending on the scope, duration, and size of requirement, dispatching the relevant resources accordingly. We also provide daily standards checklists, staff audits and free regular site supervision......

Cleaning Tables

Commercial Cleaning

ZAVVERS fulfill the interior and exterior cleaning requirements of a vast portfolio of commercial property in Perth WA. Quality assured solutions are all provided under one roof using the best cleaning tools, material, and chemicals to bring out the best look of your business property........

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Washing Window

Windows Cleaning

ZAVVERS glass and window cleaning services are the perfect solution for anyone in Perth WA who require premium cleaning services for their property windows. It may be a house, a shop front, office windows, pool glass, stairway glass, glass doors or shower screens that require cleaning. ZAVVERS offers you solutions for all your window and glass cleaning requirements regardless of the scope of the work.....

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Floor Mop

Hard Floor Cleaning

ZAVVERS hard floor cleaning for clients around Perth WA comes with the promise of cleaned and well-maintained floors giving you peace of mind. Our experience allows us to immediately recognize how frequent each hard floor cleaning job should be for different customers. For example, a house owner requires their marble floor cleaned and polished once a month while an owner of a supermarket requires the same service.....

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Vaccum Cleaner

Carpets Cleaning

We are a professional carpet and fabric cleaning services provider in Perth WA for clients who want to return their fabrics and carpets to their former glory. Our clients include residential, commercial and industrial property owners who require regular maintenance, periodical clean-ups, end-of-lease carpet cleaning, one-off cleaning, builders carpet cleaning, etc. We work with natural (wool) as well as synthetic.....

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