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Consumable Products Supply & Delivery

Having a single office cleaning service handle both the supply and delivery of consumable products offers several conveniences for a business. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

**Streamlined Procurement Process**

Managing fewer contracts and vendor relationships simplifies administration. A single service provider for both cleaning and consumables means dealing with one point of contact, one invoice, and one payment. This consolidation reduces the time and effort spent on vendor management and procurement processes, allowing staff to focus on other core business activities.

Cost Efficiency**

Combining services often leads to cost savings. Service providers might offer bundled pricing or discounts for multiple services. This can be more economical than purchasing cleaning and consumable supplies from separate sources. Additionally, having a single provider manage both aspects can lead to more efficient use of resources and lower logistical costs.

**Consistent Quality Control

Using one provider ensures that the quality of both cleaning and the products used is consistent. The service provider is likely to be more familiar with the business’s specific needs and standards. This familiarity helps maintain a consistent level of service and product quality, ensuring that the business environment is always up to standards.

Customized Service Delivery**

A single provider can tailor both the cleaning services and the supplies according to the specific needs of the business. This customization can include choosing environmentally friendly products or products that meet specific health and safety standards. Customizing product delivery times to suit business operations also becomes easier, minimizing disruptions.

**Improved Inventory Management**:

An integrated service provider can manage inventory levels more effectively, ensuring that there are no shortages or overstocking of consumable products. This can help in maintaining a lean inventory, reducing the space and capital tied up in excess supplies.

**Responsive Service Adjustments

With an integrated service, it is easier to make adjustments based on ongoing feedback and changing business needs. Whether it's changing cleaning schedules or adjusting the types and quantities of consumables provided, having a single provider makes the process of adjustments and communication much smoother.

**Reduced Administrative Burden

Handling fewer suppliers reduces the complexity and administrative overhead involved in managing multiple service contracts. This streamlined approach can lead to faster decision-making and fewer bureaucratic hurdles.

In summary, when an office cleaning service also manages the supply and delivery of consumable products, businesses benefit from reduced administrative effort, cost efficiencies, better quality control, and more responsive service adaptations. This integration creates a more efficient, economical, and effective management of office maintenance needs.

To Whom We Supply?

The clients we supply consumable products can be identified under 3 main service categories. They are as follows


Construction Companies

Construction Site Offices


Corporate Offices

Retail Shops

Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

Medical Centres

Gyms and Sports Halls

Function Halls

Hotels and Motels


Small - Large Warehouses


List Of Washroom Consumables

Toilet Rolls:

Tork T4 Soft Toilet Roll 2PLY 400SHEET (CTN 48) Premium

Purest Toilet Tissue Roll 400 Sheet 2-Ply White

Hand Towels:

Tork H4 Ultra Slim Hand Towel

Stella Ultra Slim Hand Towel (CTN 16 PKTS X 150 SHEETS)

Deodorizing & Disinfection:

Urinal Screens 

Urinal Cubes

Anti bacterial Sprays


Gloves & Masks:

Gloves Black Nitril (1000)

Gloves Blue Nitril (1000)

Kitchen Gloves Powder Coated

Facemasks (1000) L2 TGA Approved

Bin Bags:

82 LTR H/duty LD BLK

240L LTR H/duty LD BLK

36 LTR Kitchen Tidy BLK

Chemical Bottle Label Small Glaze

List Of Washroom Consumables


Paper Cup DBL/W (QTY 1000)



Enviro - Wooden Spoons (QTY 1000)

Wooden Knives (QTY10000)

Wooden Forks (QTY10000)

Wooden Stirrer (QTY5000)

Tea, Coffee, Sugar:

Dilma Extra Strength Tea Bags (QTY 500)

Dilma Premium Tea Bags (QTY 1000)

Roast Coffee 500G (6 UNITS)

Hot Chocolate Rich & Creamy 1KG (5 UNITS)

Sugar Sticks (2000 UNITS)

Moccona Classic 400G (6 UNITS)

Coffee Sticks (QTY 1000)


Note books, Note pads and Organizers

Pens, Pencils, Highlighters and Marker pens

Sticky notes, Staplers, Pins and Punctures

Files, Folders, Sleeves and Containers.

List Of Consumables

These are the office and washroom consumable products which are in high demand and businesses regularly purchasing of. Depends on your unique requirements, we will organise, supply, deliver and distribute all types of consumable products leaving you not to worry about maintaining stock levels, re ordering and distributing supplies across the sections any more. As your trusted cleaning partner in confidence, we will take all that extra tasks out from your hands, we will manage on your behalf and allowing you to spend more focus on actual business dealings without any distraction.

The office and washroom consumables we offer are among the most commonly requested products by businesses, highlighting a consistent demand for these essentials. Depending on your specific needs, we provide a comprehensive service designed to streamline your operations. We take charge of organizing, supplying, delivering, and distributing a wide range of consumable products. This service relieves you of the burdens associated with maintaining adequate stock levels, reordering supplies, and managing distribution across different sections of your business.

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