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Gleaming windows at a commercial building in Perth reflect a vibrant community, showcasing Zavvers' professional window cleaning expertise.


2024 verified badge from the Australia Business Review Board featuring a kangaroo, representing Zavvers' reputable window cleaning services in Perth.

Expertise in Every Swipe, Care in Every Corner, Serving All Suburbs

Why Choose Zavvers Window Cleaning Perth?

At Zavvers, our window cleaning expertise in Perth is unmatched, combining state-of-the-art technology with a personalized touch. Our skilled professionals are committed to delivering sparkling results, guaranteeing satisfaction through meticulous attention to detail. We understand the unique landscape of Perth, offering tailored solutions from eco-friendly residential cleanings to expansive commercial projects. Embrace a clear view with Zavvers, where excellence and customer care are as transparent as the windows we clean.

We Offer

Icon of a certificate and a person: "Experienced and certified window cleaners in Perth."

Experienced and professional window cleaners

Icon of a guarantee badge: "Guaranteed high-quality window cleaning service."

Guaranteed quality window cleaning

Icon of a calendar: "Scheduled regular window cleaning maintenance programs."

Regular window cleaning maintenance

Icon of detailed gears and window: "Customized window cleaning for diverse needs in Perth."

Meticulous window cleaning for varied cleaning requests

From residential homes to commercial storefronts, Zavvers delivers comprehensive window and glass cleaning solutions in Perth. Our expertise encompasses everything from pool glass to shower screens, ensuring every surface shines. Specializing in both interior and exterior window cleaning, we tailor our services to meet the exacting needs of every client. Send us your blueprints or window schedule, and receive a precise quote that reflects our commitment to quality and transparency.

Our Window Cleaning Services Include

Comprehensive window cleaning services infographic showcasing Zavvers' expertise in Perth.

General Window Clean

Icon of a sparkling window represents General Window Cleaning in Perth.

Ongoing Window Clean

Icon of a calendar with a clean window signifies Ongoing Window Cleaning service.

Annual Window Cleaning Program

Icon of an award ribbon and window denotes our Annual Window Cleaning Program.

Nano Window Coating Solutions

Icon of a shield and window illustrates our Nano Window Coating Solutions.
Icon of a mop and bucket with stars reflects our Deep Window Cleaning process.

Builders Window Cleaning

Icon of a house and broom for our specialized End of Lease Window Cleaning.

End of Lease Window Cleaning

Icon of a construction helmet and window for our Builders Window Cleaning service.

Deep Window Clean

Zavvers is equipped with the precise tools for a scratch-free, thorough clean of any window type, assuring an impeccable finish. When you need reliable, high-quality window cleaning in Perth, turn to Zavvers – we're here to deliver excellence.

Zavvers Elders Tribute

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If you live in Perth and surrounding suburbs and over 60 years old, this is an opportunity you do not wanna miss!!!

Every 60+ resident in Perth WA is eligible to have 35% discount from the total invoice every time you make a reservation for a windows cleaning with us.  



  • Person must be over 60 years old.

  • Person must be a resident of the property.

  • Ability to provide valid identification on-site for verification.

  • Type "+60 Tribute" on promo code section or the description area when making a booking.

Zavvers Window Cleaning in Perth extends its expertise beyond the glass, focusing on delivering a customer-centric experience. Our services are a tapestry of quality, woven from the finest threads of skilled craftsmanship, eco-friendly practices, and cutting-edge technology. We understand the nuances of Perth's varied architecture, from quaint heritage homes to towering modern skyscrapers, ensuring each window we touch resonates with cleanliness. The breadth of our offerings is tailored to every scenario. Whether it's the rigorous demands of post-construction cleaning, the delicate needs of historical window preservation, or the regular upkeep of commercial storefronts, our team approaches each task with the same unwavering dedication. Zavvers is not just about window cleaning; it's about nurturing transparency and brilliance in every pane. Ingrained within our ethos is the Zavvers Elders Tribute, a tribute to the wisdom and life experiences of Perth's senior citizens. This special program underscores our community values, offering substantial discounts to those over sixty, ensuring that the beauty of their views is maintained with respect and honor. A Zavvers clean is a promise of quality, a statement that each window will not just be cleaned, but cared for with the most advanced tools and safe, efficient methods. Our 'No Scratch' Window Cleaning protocol means that even the most stubborn residue is removed with gentle, yet effective techniques, preserving the integrity of your windows. Continuing this thread of commitment, Zavvers' innovative approach includes services such as Nano Window Coating Solutions, employing advanced treatments that protect your windows from the harsh Perth elements, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and extending the life of your windows. Every member of the Zavvers team is more than a cleaner—they are a trusted custodian of clarity and quality. Each professional carries the badge of Zavvers' training and shared philosophy, equipped with the knowledge and tools to transform any glass surface into a vision of perfection. As we chart the course of each droplet and wipe away the remnants of the urban landscape, we also look to the horizon—seeking new methods, engaging with the community, and building a legacy of clear views and satisfied customers. This journey is chronicled through the stories of gleaming shopfronts and pristine living spaces, testimonies to the Zavvers guarantee. In choosing Zavvers Window Cleaning, you are not just selecting a service; you are embracing a partnership with Perth's finest. So, when the world outside seems a little dim, let Zavvers reveal the beauty hidden by time and elements. Reach out to us, share your vision and requirements, and let us craft a window cleaning plan that reflects not just your needs, but your aspirations for a brighter, cleaner Perth.

Other Services


Office Cleaning

ZAVVERS premium office cleaning package is the solution for small, medium and large office owners in Perth WA. Our process includes delegating a specific customer representative for each office cleaning project and depending on the scope, duration, and size of requirement, dispatching the relevant resources accordingly. We also provide daily standards checklists, staff audits and free regular site supervision......

Cleaning Tables

Commercial Cleaning

ZAVVERS fulfill the interior and exterior cleaning requirements of a vast portfolio of commercial property in Perth WA. Quality assured solutions are all provided under one roof using the best cleaning tools, material, and chemicals to bring out the best look of your business property........

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Builders Cleaning

Call ZAVVERS to get your final post-construction (builders) clean or the renovation clean of the highest quality if you are from Perth WA after the project is completed. We deliver an elegant finishing to your newly built or renovated property after removing all dirt, dust and other debris from the site. This builders’ clean is the first detailed clean you get for many years. Therefore,........

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Floor Mop

Hard Floor Cleaning

ZAVVERS hard floor cleaning for clients around Perth WA comes with the promise of cleaned and well-maintained floors giving you peace of mind. Our experience allows us to immediately recognize how frequent each hard floor cleaning job should be for different customers. For example, a house owner requires their marble floor cleaned and polished once a month while an owner of a supermarket requires the same service.....

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Vaccum Cleaner

Carpets Cleaning

We are a professional carpet and fabric cleaning services provider in Perth WA for clients who want to return their fabrics and carpets to their former glory. Our clients include residential, commercial and industrial property owners who require regular maintenance, periodical clean-ups, end-of-lease carpet cleaning, one-off cleaning, builders carpet cleaning, etc. We work with natural (wool) as well as synthetic.....

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