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Commercial Cleaning

Zavvers commercial cleaning service is the best option for all your 'Office and Commercial Cleaning' needs, offering a one-stop-shop for both interior and exterior cleaning requirements for businesses and commercial properties. We specialize in servicing up to 3-story buildings, utilizing specialized chemicals and tools to ensure top-quality results. Our services extend to thorough window cleaning, both interior and exterior, and we can provide estimations based on your blueprints and 'Window schedule.' Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing highly trained staff, equipped with specialized chemicals and tools, to handle all your office cleaning and commercial cleaning needs efficiently and effectively.

This is an Ideal cleaning service for many businesses such as,

  • Strata Management Property Cleaning

  • Schools and Educational Centers Cleaning

  • Council Properties and Community Centers

  • Bars, Pubs and Restaurants Cleaning

  • Retail Shops and Shopping Centres Cleaning

Cleaning Tables

Associated Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services that do not require to provide on regular basis but available to provide as a part of a commercial cleaning service upon a customer request especially on periodical basis. These are individual services that are available to include as add-ons to your existing commercial cleaning program.

Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior windows washing and detailed cleaning is provided.

Vaccum Cleaner

Carpets Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning, Carpet hot water extraction, Carpet shampooing, Carpet scrubbed and deep cleaning, Carpet dry cleaning and Carpet spot cleaning are provided

Vacumming the Mattress

Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric or leather office furniture, sofa, lounge and curtains are cleaned using steam or hot water extraction cleaning.

Floor Mop

Any type of a interior or exterior hard floors will be scrubbed and deep cleaned. This includes floors such as wooden, rubber, vinyl, tiles, terrazzo, marble, slate, natural stones, lime stones and etc. 


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Our Commercial Cleaning Customers

Zavvers commercial cleaning service works with most types of businesses across the Perth region and provides a vast range of cleaning services under one roof, for you to provide a convenient but, quality assured commercial cleaning services for all your business's cleaning needs. It is entirely up to our customer to decide how frequently they require the service to be provided under what specifications. Then we design the most suitable cleaning solution that meets all customer requirements. Whatever the type of business you manage, we have cleaning solutions exactly right for your business. We provide total commercial cleaning solutions suitable for all types of businesses including, hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, convention/ exhibition centers, schools, educational centers, government organizations, manufacturing factories, food processing businesses, retail shops, shopping centers, council properties and strata properties. Here are some of commercial properties among many other, that we usually provide our commercial cleaning services for.

Office Cleaning

Hygienically clean every nominated area within your organization to meet required cleaning standards. It can be included washroom cleaning maintenance, kitchen cleaning, cleaning of furniture and workstations, floor cleaning, housekeeping, and other special cleaning services as you require. It can also be just a one-off cleaning, or a regular general cleaning or a detailed periodical cleaning or a contract cleaning service according to your business's unique cleaning need. Read more.


Industrial / Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

We provide one-off, regular, periodical and end of lease vacate cleaning services to compatible with warehouse cleaning requirements. This could include deep dust removal (not just dusting) solutions, general cleaning maintenance tasks and deep cleaning tasks as per your requirements. This is a perfect solution to get maintained you warehouse cleanliness, and it can be provided only for areas specifically nominated by you at a time that is mutually agreed. Regular warehouse cleaning helps to reduce health issues that can cause due to long develop dust and dirt such as asthma and helps to improve the overall health of your entire staff. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Health Care Cleaning

Health Care Clea

Every year there are millions of people get affected by health care, hospital and other care facilities related infectious diseases. Other care facilities mainly include aged care, childcare, and disability care services. Apart from general and deep cleaning services we provide, Zavvers offer especial sanitation, disinfection, air-purification, and deodorizing treatments that can be highly benefitted by these care facilities. According to your requirements we are also capable of providing services such as 100% non-chemical cleaning, green cleaning and using of only non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning. We assure that all our cleaning tools, equipment, and materials and professionally cleaned after each job provided and designated materials will only be using to clean surfaces to prevent cross contamination. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Gyms Sports and Recreational Centers Cleaning

Cleans all washrooms, toilets, and shower areas within these properties up to the standard always using professional cleaning solutions. We know hygiene and cleanliness is highly important our customers. Therefore, we manually wipe all touchpoints that are being highly used, such as door handles, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, pull up bars, bicycles, machines, treademills and etc inside the  using proper disinfection cleaning chemicals. Our service could also include streak free mirror cleaning, cleaning of all floors appropriately including hard to mop rubber floors, remove bins and trash, wipe down powder on equipment, clean windows, eliminate bad odors, and long term sanitation. We will deliver you pleasant and well-cleaned property at the end of the each service term.

Gym Cleaning

Find a professional office cleaning service.!

If your business operates in the industry for a long time and you have been trying so many different kinds of cleaning businesses throughout the period, your perception of office cleaning contractors must not be a quite positive as it should be. What most cleaning contractors promise is not what they provide. Maintaining the Consistency, Quality, Honesty, and Competency throughout the project duration are some key deliverables that most businesses are expected to receive in return from the investment that they make on office cleaning services. Unfortunately when cleaning contractors try to consider more on maximizing profits rather than focusing on the actually expected deliverables of their cleaning projects, ofthen leave customers with disappointment, further losses any also with permanent damages due to lack of maintenance which cannot be easily reversible. Read more.   

Provision of Consumable Products

We provide range of consumable products including toilet rolls, hand paper towels, urinal matts or cubes, bin liners, and dispensers in various brands, types, and sizes that customer could choose appropriately. Upon request we provide quotation including all prices and upon confirmation we procure, deliver, distribute, and maintain all supplies accordingly within all internal departments of your business.  

Use  Of Professional Cleaning Equipment

We employee modern and professional cleaning tools, materials, chemicals, and equipment for all our commercial cleaning services to bring the maximum efficiency and quality to your business property. 

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Other Services

Perth Office Cleaning

Builders Cleaning

Call ZAVVERS to get your final post-construction (builders) clean or the renovation clean of the highest quality if you are from Perth WA after the project is completed. We deliver an elegant finishing to your newly built or renovated property after removing all dirt, dust and other debris from the site. This builders’ clean is the first detailed clean you get for many years. Therefore,........

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Commercial Cleaning

ZAVVERS fulfill the interior and exterior cleaning requirements of a vast portfolio of commercial property in Perth WA. Quality assured solutions are all provided under one roof using the best cleaning tools, material, and chemicals to bring out the best look of your business property........

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Windows Cleaning

ZAVVERS glass and window cleaning services are the perfect solution for anyone in Perth WA who require premium cleaning services for their property windows. It may be a house, a shop front, office windows, pool glass, stairway glass, glass doors or shower screens that require cleaning. ZAVVERS offers you solutions for all your window and glass cleaning requirements regardless of the scope of the work.....

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Hard Floor Cleaning

ZAVVERS hard floor cleaning for clients around Perth WA comes with the promise of cleaned and well-maintained floors giving you peace of mind. Our experience allows us to immediately recognize how frequent each hard floor cleaning job should be for different customers. For example, a house owner requires their marble floor cleaned and polished once a month while an owner of a supermarket requires the same service.....

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Carpets Cleaning

We are a professional carpet and fabric cleaning services provider in Perth WA for clients who want to return their fabrics and carpets to their former glory. Our clients include residential, commercial and industrial property owners who require regular maintenance, periodical clean-ups, end-of-lease carpet cleaning, one-off cleaning, builders carpet cleaning, etc. We work with natural (wool) as well as synthetic.....

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