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If you're in the business world and in need of a qualified, experienced commercial office cleaning contractor for your business's ongoing cleaning needs, you've arrived at the right place. Our team boasts industrial cleaning experience, consistently delivering outstanding services and earning positive feedback from our clients over the years.

Zavvers' regular office cleaning service offers comprehensive cleaning solutions to ensure your commercial or industrial property looks its best at all times. The cleanliness of your workplace not only influences public perception of your business but also directly and indirectly impacts your employees' overall productivity. Choosing Zavvers' regular office cleaning service means you'll benefit from exceptional commercial cleaning in the Perth area, along with personalized, affordable, and cost-effective cleaning solutions that add value.

With Zavvers, all components of the building fabric, such as specified internal and external surfaces, will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure they are hygienic, fresh, and maintained in a condition that prevents pest attraction. This will be achieved through adherence to specified cleaning frequencies, designed to uphold a professional standard of care.

Standard Office Cleaning Tasks Include As Follows.

General Cleaning Tasks

  • Ensure all bins are clean, hygienic, lined, and presentable, without grease, fingerprints, or marks on metal finishes (if any) and replace the old bin liners with new bin liners.

  • Non-carpeted floors sweep with flat mops (if approved) or vacuum clean to remove loose dust from floors and use designated colour coded mops and buckets to clean and maintain floors free from dirt, ensuring they have cleaned and uniform appearance.

  • If require by the customer, polish all sealed interior floorings using industrial floor polishers to maintaining the shininess.

  • Keep all internal glass and mirrors free of dirt and marks. Spot clean glass surfaces during every office cleaning session.

  • Ensure light fittings, air vents and room corners where reachable are cleaned and maintained without dirt, dust, insect debris, spider webs, or marks build ups.

  • Remove all loose papers and rubbish from floors, furniture, and surfaces.

  • Clean and ensure safety and presentability of all areas, including furniture and fitments.

  • Keep entry mats and paths free of dirt, ensuring cleanliness and presentability.

  • Clean and organize all ashtrays and waste receptacles in an orderly manner.

  • Ensure directional and tenant signages are clean and presentable (if any).

  • Maintain fire stairs and egress paths clean and clear of any obstructions (If required).

  • Bag all rubbish and place in bins while awaiting disposal, ensuring areas are free from odour and pests.

  • Immediately or as soon as possible clean up spills upon occurrence especially on carpet floors.

  • Use commercially approved cleaning solutions and tools for cleaning and polishing (if required) stainless steel, gold plated or chromium surfaces, avoiding steel wool, abrasive compounds, or acids.

  • Leave timber or plastic furniture in a dry condition, ready for use.

  • Perform detailed cleaning of shelves and/or ledges, including vacuuming, hand cleaning, and dusting as necessary.

How it appears in the staff room kitchen bench after Zavvers regular office cleaning is completed in Perth
Office Staff Room Cleaned

Sweeping | Vacuuming | Dusting | Wiping

  • Sweep or vacuum clean all internal polished floor surfaces thoroughly using an impregnated sweeping flat mop tool, a dust-collecting pan or with commercial grade vacuum cleaner with lesser decibel readings by ensuring no corners are cut, edges, and areas under furniture are also cleaned.

  • Thoroughly mop all non-carpeted floor areas using appropriate floor cleaning chemicals, colour coded mops and buckets.

  • Perform a full vacuum of all carpeted surfaces using a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner capable of reaching all areas, including under tables and other furniture.

  • Conduct spot vacuuming in areas specifically needing attention.

  • Include the removal of loose litter, such as papers and paper clips, during vacuuming.

  • Regularly inspect carpeted surfaces for spots and stains, removing them using an appropriate spot shampooing method.

  • Utilize a suitable microfibre cloth to wipe down and remove dust from surfaces including partitions, sills, ledges, skirting boards, furniture, hard hats, equipment, counters, and monitors.

  • Remove adhering dust/dirt from any surfaces with a damp cloth, or, when necessary, with a cloth and a suitable commercial cleanser.

  • Clean desks, work tables, dining tables, and bar tops only when they are clear of items.

Washroom Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Ensure all paper dispensers and soap containers are adequately filled, with reserves on hand, and maintained in a hygienic condition.

  • Maintain toilets and showers to be clean, hygienic, and presentable, ensuring compliance with Health and Safety Regulations, and left dry for patron use.

  • Disinfect washroom fittings, including fixed or movable items, pans, cisterns, seats, urinals, taps, dispensers, and wash basins, using a suitable germicidal cleanser to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect automated hand dryers with an appropriate germicidal cleanser.

  • Remove Verdigris and soap scum from shower cubicles, wash basins, and taps.

  • Clean and polish all stainless steel fittings such as, taps, shower heads, glass doors, shower curtains, and door tracks as needed.

  • Ensure all toilet, bathroom, shower, and change room areas emit a fresh odour.

  • Keep all toilet cubicles free of dirt, marks, or graffiti.

  • Ensure all mirrors are free of dirt and marks, using non-abrasive and streak free glass cleaner.

  • Damp cleanse floors and walls thoroughly with germicidal cleansers and detergents suitable for the surface, restoring surfaces with stubborn stains or unsatisfactory appearance by appropriate means, and dry floors for patron use.

  • Important Note: Sanitary and nappy bins will not be emptied or cleaned.

in our regular office cleaning service, we also use corner brushes to clean corners and edges of washroom floors more frequently in order to prevent dirt build up on floor edges.
Cleaning corners of the washroom floor during Regular Office Cleaning in Perth

Glass & Windows Cleaning

  • Spot Clean reachable internal glasses daily basis with a suitable glass cleaning solution and window cleaning specialised lint free microfibre cloths or with a professional windows cleaning solution with a washer and squeegee.

  • Wipe down window sills to prevent building up dust on window frames.

When you have become a partner of us, Zavvers will not only provide you with just cleaning, we also regularly monitor, staff daily sign on/off, conduct site inspections, provide recommendations, introduce innovative cleaning solutions to improve the quality and to reduce costs and finally, we offer 24/7 customer service, immediately attend in an emergency and address any issues reported or recorded in the site's complaint communication book, as directed by the Client's representative.

Additionally, for our clients' convenience, we provide a comprehensive "Supply, Delivery, and Distribution" service for a wide range of office supplies, confectioneries, washroom papers, and other consumables including toilet rolls, hand towels, soap, urinal mats, deodorizers, etc. Zavvers stands as the most reliable, convenient, flexible, and affordable office cleaning service in the Perth region, backed by over 10 years of industry experience.

For those seeking a trustworthy and professional regular office cleaning partner you can rely in confidence, look no further. Contact Zavvers today!


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