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Updated: Feb 25


Builders cleaning is a type of a special cleaning which requires to have on every newly constructed or renovated property, once the construction is completed and prior to officially handing over the property back to its owners. It is the very first cleaning which an any property gets and usually involve with huge amount of detailing work to complete.

Builders cleaning has few names in practice. It is also calling as Construction cleaning, Post-construction cleaning and Building cleaning. Whichever the name you are familiar with, the service has got no differences but only its name. Unlike, many other cleaning services, the construction builders cleaning is unique and requires a specialisation in delivering a professional outcome.

As builders cleaning is the very first clean a property going to get when all it's building is completed. At this stage, a property will not be appeared as same as you see by the time handing over the property. Surfaces are usually covered with layers of dirt, dust and grime, tapes, stickers and etc. The duty of the builders cleaner is to remove all those from surfaces and bring the brand new appearance, especially the interior of the property back to the live. Since these are brand new properties, all interior surfaces are mainly required to be free from any stain, dirt or other marks. It require to attended to the smallest detail and clean without causing any physical damage any where of the property. Therefore, as a Builders cleaner, it is highly important to have the experience and the right knowledge of removing different types of dirt, stains and marks off from surfaces without making any damages.

How a window of a newly built house looks like at first.

How windows look after construction before builders cleaning is completed
Before Builders Windows Cleaning


A complete builders cleaning package mainly consists of 3 different cleaning categories. These services focus on cleaning 3 different areas of a property and professional builders cleaning service must be equipped with professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials, chemicals and machinery to deliver services according to project's unique requirements. They are fast changing and you can never be ready only to perform certain types cleaning tasks , as the scopes of these works can be completely different from one project to another. It is because different building construction projects are taking place different shapes and sizes so there is no way to find a one-fits-all construction cleaning solution rather become knowledgeable and trained to perform certain types cleaning cleaning tasks (calcium removal, rust removal, cement removal) professionally. Even though, some of those tasks are not included in the standard builders cleaning service, based on the demand cleaners might have to remove certain hard dirt and stains as additional services just to get the cleaning properly completed.

3 Main builders cleaning categories are;

Internal Builders Clean

External Builders Clean

Windows and Glasses Clean

These 3 services are available for you to hire, even as a complete package or as a single or an individual services based on you actual cleaning requirements.

Builders cleaning on a commercial property
Commercial Builders Cleaning Perth


CATEGORY #1 - Internal Builders Cleaning

Clean insides and out sides of all cupboards, pantry and wardrobes.

Remove plastic protection films from bench tops and bath tubs.

Remove protection films from stainless steel fittings, outside cupboards and mirrors.

Remove dirt, dust, grime and glue marks from benchtops and clean.

Remove stickers from bathroom, laundry and kitchen fittings.

Clean stainless steel fittings, mirrors and wall tiles.

Sweep/vacuum clean floors and mop non carpeted floors.

Remove excess paint, plaster, silicone, glue and cement residuals.

Floor deep scrubbing and polishing.

Carpet vacuum and steam cleaning.

Service #2 - External Builders Clean

Sweep or vacuum clean exterior floors.

Mop or wash exterior floors.

Cobweb removal.

Exterior pressure wash cleaning or floor scrubbing.

Removal of paint, plaster and cement residuals

Garage door or Drive way cleaning

Exterior floor sealing.

Rubbish removal and gardening services.

Service #3 - Windows Cleaning

Interior and exterior windows glasses, frames and tracks detailed cleaning.

Wash and smear less clean by removing all dirt, dust, grime and other residues.

Remove most paint, plaster, cement & gum without scraping.

Carefully clean tinted/sun protected screens.

Remove sticker and markings on glasses

Clean sliding doors, balcony, stair case and pool glasses

Windows cleaning with traditional squeegee and water-fed-pole-systems.

Remove water stains or calcium built ups.

Before and after commercial builders cleaning project.

Hire Zavvers Building Cleaner Today!

We as Zavvers determines to provide all general and deep cleaning services with a higher attention to details, professionalism and with a personal care to every section where cleaning is needed. We are a team of professional builders cleaners who has years of builders cleaning experiences in both residential and commercial builders cleaning, equipped with best tools, materials and equipment also with the focus on delivering all our builders cleaning services to the highest quality to the every client we serve across the Perth region.


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