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Zavvers Hard Floor Cleaning Services: Unparalleled Shine for Perth’s Floors

Why Choose Zavvers

At Zavvers, our dedication to hard floor cleaning in Perth sets us apart. We understand that each type of floor requires specialized treatment, which is why we offer bespoke solutions. Trust in our expertise and commitment to provide exceptional hard floor care that leaves your space looking immaculate. Choose us for reliable, thorough, and expert floor cleaning services that cater to your specific needs.

We Offer

Icon of a badge with a checkmark, representing Zavvers' proven quality in floor cleaning services

 A proven track record for quality floor cleaning services

Illustration of a mop and bucket, symbolizing Zavvers' versatile cleaning services for all floor types and sizes

Services suitable for any type or size of surface

Icon of two cleaning bottles, indicating Zavvers' expertise in the use of appropriate cleaning chemicals and materials.

Sound knowledge of chemicals and other materials used in floor cleaning

Icon of a person with a gear, depicting Zavvers' team of trained professionals knowledgeable in floor cleaning requirements

Trained professionals with a clear understanding of the work requirements

Our experience allows us to immediately recognize how frequent each hard floor cleaning job should be for different customers. For example, a house owner requires their marble floor cleaned and polished once a month while an owner of a supermarket requires the same service on a daily basis.

We work with a range of floors

Driveways, Garage Floors and Pavings

Cement and Concrete Floors

Brick Walls and Floors

Ceramic Tiles, Marble and Granite Floors

Natural Stone, Slate, Quarry Tiles and Sandstone Floors

Anti-Slip, Vinyl and Rubber

Resin, Tatami and Sports Surfaces

Wooden or Timber Floors

Our Hard Floor Cleaning Services 

Application of a protective layer on floors such as tile and marble to safeguard their beauty and integrity.

High-pressure water cleaning for deep-seated grime, suitable for tougher outdoor surfaces.

Thorough, deep cleaning processes to eliminate dirt and bacteria, ensuring a healthy environment.



Targeted cleaning to refresh and brighten tiled areas, including their grout lines.

Special techniques to enhance the natural sheen of hard floors for an impeccable finish.

Focused treatment to remove persistent stains, restoring floors to their original state.

Our Hard Floor Cleaning Services Include

Icon of a bucket and a mop with sparkling stars, symbolizing general floor cleaning and maintenance services

Strip and Seal tile, marble, sandstone, wooden and vinyl floors, bench tops and table tops

Graphic of a scrub brush and bucket representing the strip and seal services for various floor types.

Pressure wash cleaning

Tiles and grouts cleaning

Stains removal

Icon of a high-pressure washer, depicting the pressure wash cleaning service for tough grime.

General floor cleaning

Regular floor cleaning and maintenance

Periodical deep cleaning

Floor polishing / burnishing

Icon of a professional cleaner with a squeegee, symbolizing expert cleaning services.
Icon indicating the variety of floor types that Zavvers deep cleans, including ceramic, marble, terrazzo, and more, symbolizing their comprehensive cleaning services."

Deep clean ceramic, marble, terrazzo, tile floors, concrete, natural stone, slate, limestone, rubber, wooden and vinyl floors

Icon of sparkling stars, denoting the outstanding cleanliness and shine achieved through Zavvers' cleaning services.

All types of hard floorings

Interior exterior hard floors

Residential, Commercial & Industrial cleaning

It is a well-known fact that hard floors are constantly under conditions that heavily stain them. These

floors, especially outdoor floors, usually require periodical or regular deep cleaning depending on the

level of human traffic in your organization, property or house. If you require a bit of extra help, ZAVVERS

will go that extra mile to get them squeaky clean. We also offer floor pressure washing services. To

receive a tailored estimation, simply send us your blueprints and we will take care of the rest.

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