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Our Cleaning Services

We provide top notch cleaning service to the highest quality. If you are looking for a top quality cleaning service, you have come to the right place. We visibly improve the level of cleanliness with every service we provide.

What do we mean by the quality,

It means 100% customer satisfaction. We never let the customer worry about cleaning matters once you hire Zavvers. We assure the quality of each service, ensuring spotless results as we pay attention to the smallest details.

Expanding our expertise, we now service Commercial and Residential construction sites, providing estimations for blueprints up to 3-story buildings. Our team analyzes blueprints to offer cost-effective solutions. We use specialized chemicals and tools, and our highly trained staff fixes any issues without cost. Our renovation services include floor strip and seal, floor scrubbing, pressure washing, and detailed window cleaning (interior and exterior) with precise estimations based on your blueprints or 'Window


At Zavvers, we are committed to professional, meticulous cleaning that adds value to your property, using the best tools and techniques in the industry.


Available Cleaning Services

Cleaning Tables


Zavvers commercial cleaning service is the best option for all your "Office and .....



Our promise is improve the level of  your office's cleanliness, not only visibly, but also ..... 



When you complete your building construction or the renovation project, .... 



Zavvers glasses and windows cleaning service is the perfect solution for those .....

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Leave the care of your carpet and upholstery cleaning to us. We are a Professional .....



We know as a fact that; hard floors are constantly under conditions that get .....

Features of Zavvers Cleaning Services Perth

Well trained, experiences, and professional cleaning staff, including those who are highly trained

for specific tasks.

Commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning services. This includes working on commercial and residential construction sites, ensuring all areas are thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

One-stop-cleaning-shop for all types of cleaning needs, including specialized services for renovation projects like floor strip and seal, and floor scrubbing. For floor pressure washing andwindow cleaning (both interior and exterior), we encourage clients to send us their blueprints or window schedules for accurate estimations.

Highest quality cleaning and restoration services. We use specialized chemicals and tools to ensure the best results.

General and deep cleaning services specialist. Our expertise extends up to 3 story buildings, ensuring every corner is impeccably cleaned.

Flexible, tailor-made, and convenient services. We analyze blueprints and provide the most suitable and cost-effective estimations for your specific needs.

Fully insured for public liability up to $10,000,000. We ensure peace of mind in every project we undertake.

Use of professional cleaning products and supplies, carefully selected for each specific task and requirement.

A consistent, dependable, and responsible cleaning contractor. We fix any issues at no additional cost, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Emergency cleaning, events cleaning, and one-off cleaning services. We are equipped to handle any cleaning challenge, regardless of its nature.

Various Types of Cleaning Categories


General Clean

Commonly use under ongoing regular cleaning programs to maintains the required cleaning standard of the property on day-to-day basis. This cleaning does not require any special tools, equipment, machinery or harsh chemicals to perform but only minimal resources. Things that are commonly in use can be identified as vacuum cleaner, mop and a bucket, fresh cloths, duster and cleaning chemicals.


Deep Clean

This is to provide thorough and attention to detailed clean-up to the property or to a section or a surface when it requires. This cleaning does not need to carry out as frequent as the general cleaning service. Some of the deep cleaning services are; Tile & grout cleaning, Hard floor cleaning, Descaling of washrooms, cob-web removal and etc.


One-Off Clean

Our commercial one-off cleaning category allows commercial customers to request for a specific cleaning service, task or a category to perform, only for a single time without making any ongoing commitment. It is not only can be a single service that you can request, but also couple or more service according to your specific needs.


Regular Clean

This is suitable when a property needs a cleaning contractor to maintain its cleaning duties ongoing basis, within frequent intervals, under an agreed cleaning schedule. Commonly it is used as daily basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance.


Periodical Clean

This service is required to provide mostly on properties with an existing ongoing regular cleaning program. Deep cleaning services will be provided on quarterly, semi-annually, and annual basis as pre-determined or only when the need is apparent for a deep clean. 


Spring Clean

A cleaning method specified for a thorough clean out in the spring time in areas where a cold winter is experienced beforehand. We offer this service with the idea of giving a new outlook for your house hold or corporate organization reaching an eventful summer.

Contact Zavvers For Special Cleaning Needs!

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is a specific type of a cleaning which has an increasing demand within various organization and individuals. It basically does not involve any unique way of performing a same cleaning task than how people perform in general. It is only another type of a cleaning service that uses only particular types of cleaning chemicals which are designated to perform a green cleaning. These cleaning chemicals are produced with environmentally friendly ingredients and without any animal cruelty involved, in order to conserving the environmental quality and to enhance people's health.

This type of a cleaning is a better option for people with sensitive skins, breathing issues such as Asthma or with alergic reactions to certain fumes or odors. Unlike many convensional cleaning products that are commonly in use, these green cleaning products do not have any strong odors (chloring or amonia) or do not release toxic compounds (VOCs) to the environment. ​

Using of green cleaning products will help to improve the indoor air quality, reduce symptoms of "Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)" and prevent certain skin irritations from causing.

These is a better option for businesses and households to include into their day today cleaning duties as it only uses biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products for its cleanig. However, these chemicals might have less effectiveness on heavy duty cleaning needs and might require to use of stronger chemicals occationally if needed. Upon your request we provide you the green cleaning services using designated cleaning products with your prior approval.

Non-Chemicals Cleaning

This is another type of a cleaning, that you can add to your regular cleaning service whether it is an office cleaning or a house cleaning. This is better cleaning option to have for cleaning of delicate areas or surfaces, which should not mix with any type of a chemical which might cause any contaminations. This cleaning is 100% chemicals free and use hospital grade steam cleaners to clean all surfaces without using any chemical. Yes, not even for toilets, floors, or windows. We use separate cleaning nozzles, accessories and cloths designated to perform each task and we make sure to separate all equipment and materials that were in use and clean properly to avoid future contaminations.

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Sink

Touchpoints Sanitation & Disinfection

If you are a business or an organization, which is already spending an enormous amount of money on constantly getting high contact areas sanitation and disinfection, this service would make a huge different to your annual cleaning budget. Our nano coating solution does not require any repeat application for up to 18 months once surfaces are deep cleaned and treated with this solution. It does all the hard work for you. No matter how many times you use these treated surfaces, as soon as they open to the natural sun light or to the fluorescent light, the solution stat activating and automatically disinfect and sterilize the surface 99.99% without leaving any room for any contamination. Therefore, it will save you both time and money while assuring everyone a safer and cleaner working or living environment. 

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