Cleaning Services


  • Pre/Post-construction cleaning, Builders cleaning & Renovation cleaning

  • Commercial cleaning, Residential cleaning, Government & Industrial cleaning

  • Professional & experienced top notch builders cleaning service.

  • Detailed cleaning, General cleaning & Emergency cleaning.

  • Interior cleaning, Exterior cleaning and Builders Windows Cleaning.

  • Fully insured & Quality assured cleaning service.


  • Start to finish renovation cleaning services.

  • Commercial cleaning, Residential cleaning, Government & Industrial cleaning

  • Professional & experienced top notch builders cleaning service.

  • Detailed cleaning, General cleaning & Emergency cleaning.

  • Renovation Interior cleaning, Exterior cleaning and Windows Cleaning.

  • Fully insured & Quality assured cleaning service.


  • Regular cleaning maintenance and Periodical Cleaning.

  • General cleaning, Detailed/Deep cleaning and Emergency cleaning.

  • 100% compliance to customer specification and government regulations.

  • Use clean materials, non-hazardous chemicals and professional tools.

  • Consistency, Quality assurance and Convenience.

  • Free supervision, monitoring and customer support.

  • Fully insured & experience and professionalism.


What is general cleaning?

General cleaning is a type of a cleaning, mostly uses basic general cleaning tasks to clean commonly used areas in a office, commercial property or a house. This type of a cleaning is suitable for an office, commercial property or to a house only if it gets cleaned in regular intervals. General clean does not usually involve useing of any heavy or special machinery and tools except an idustrial grade vacuum cleaner. Cleaning tasks that usually involve in general cleaning service are vacuuming, moping, sweeping, spray and wipe cleaning, dusting, beating, hand scrubbing, hand polishing and spot cleaning. This cleaning does not require any toxic or harsh chemicals for cleaning as they could cause health issues for tennants if use in more frequently and unnecessarily. It requires non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning chemicals for cleaning purposes and at Zavvers we also provide 100% non-chemical total cleaning solution to the entire property for special requests. Mostly a general cleaning is just one part of a Regular cleaning program. Therefore, someone could not just totally rely on general cleaning part as it use basic cleaning techniques for cleaning and mainly focusing on commonly used areas when cleaning. It is a routine cleaning and most of the time it has been designed to perform certain cleaning tasks within a certain period of time. Therefore it is obvious that, in most cases the general cleaning could not be bale to cover the every corner in a property within the allocated time in everytime. That is the reason every R egular cleaing program has atleast two main cleaning componants such as general cleaning as well as the periodical Deep cleaning. Proper use of these two services only is sufficient for a property to get its cleanliness well maintained. That improves the durability of interior and exterior surfaces, maintains the newer appearance for a longer period and to reduce future cleaning and maintenance costs. Zavvers maintains it general cleaning standards up to the highest quality and we work closely with our customer to continously improve the service quality and also to find more long lasting solutions that can be useful for them to reduce their future cleaning and maintenance costs.

What is detailed/deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning also known as detailed cleaning is commonly uses as a part of a ongoing regular cleaning program, to provide thourough and attention to detailed clean up, to the property when it requires. This cleaning does not need to carry out as frequent as the general cleaning service conducts, but depend on the type of the property and its cleaning requirements, this deep cleaning can provide periodical basis such as monthly, once in a 3 months (quartely), semi-annual basis, annual basis or whenever you need it. It is up to the customer to decide when it is due to get a deep cleaning done. Unlike a regular cleaning service, any deep cleaning service can also be used as an individual services which we call one-off cleaning services. As an example we take an "End of Lease Cleaning" service we offer. This is one of a deep cleaning service people commonly request. This clean up is mandetory, especially for properties which has come to an end of tenancy or when existing tenent is moving out and prior to handing over the property to the new tenant. This type of a cleaning involves not only one service but also collection of deep cleaning services as one service, which we call a total deep cleaning service. Why it is so important to complete, when handing over a property to a new family or to a business, rather just bring a general clean which is much more cheaper and quicker? The reason is, it requires to provide a cleaning service which could make surfaces and areas as spotless or as detailed as possible, from top to the bottom and to the all nominated, which could be both interior and exterior surfaces of the property as a single service. Because, more cleaner the property is, higher the conversion rate is. Purpose of having a deep cleaning services time to time is very important. Most areas and surfaces of any type of a property, whether its commercial or residential, requires a periodical deep cleaning to be done professionally. Some of the deep cleaning services that are commonly in demand are, Windows and glasses detailed cleaning, Carpet deep cleaning and spot removal, Upholstery cleaning, Wooden and other hard floor cleaning, Pressure wash cleaning, Tile and grout cleaning, Strip and sealing, High dusting, Garden maintenance, Gutter cleaning, Wall washing, Descaling washrooms, degreasing ovens, grills, and hard floors, Floor polishing and burnishing, Cut and polish of stainless steal, chrome, silver or gold plated surfaces. People use these types of services on different occations as individual services or as a bundle based on their requirements. The main reason, why the deep cleaning is important? Unlike general cleaning, in order to professionally perform a deep cleaning task, it may require special equipment, chemicals and machinery, which are especially designed and designated to perform well on specific tasks, inaddition to the cleaning tools, materials and equipment that are generally in use. Proper cleaning contractors use professional tools, materials, chemicals, equipment and machinery to get the best outcome after the treatment and it will also improve the quality of work and the efficiency. It is not only about the machineries that has to be professional in these type of services, it is also about the type of cloths, type of chemical solutions, detailing tools and many more to be consider. Using of right products for right job is not only improving the cleaning power on the job, but also improves finishing and the quality of the final outcome. They are type of cleaning services, which cannot be professionally done with your general purpose cleaner, which is one fits for all method as many people expect. Because, even with the right cleaning products in place, there should be a right cleaning personal, who has an proper knowledge, experience and training of performing a specific cleaning task, to make the cleaning process complete. The trained and experienced cleaner know what solution to use, when to use, where to use and how to use. This knowledge does not come easily. It might require even years of training to become professional on performing a specific task flawlessly. They will know the solution which need to be provide on each service that can bring bring back the brandnew or the most cleaner appearance the area or the surface can get.

What is regualr cleaning?

An office cor a coomercial/government property or a house needs a cleaning contractor to maintain its cleaning duties on going basis, within frequent intervals, under an agreed cleaning schedule and it requires cleaning contractor to continously provide the services on agreed time periods for a longer period, then it calls as a regular cleaning maintenance program. The frequency of the regular cleaning sessions decide by the customer and Zavvers oprovides only the recomendation for them to make the decision easier. Cleaning frequency could be either a daily basis or only for selected days on a week or weekly basis, fortnightly basis, monthly basis, quaterly basis, semi-annually or annual basis but it is must to continue for a longer period. A total regular cleaning program could consist of 4 types of cleaning services. They are General cleaning, Deep cleaning, Emergency/special cleaning and Events/ad-hoc cleaning services. Though some cleaning tasks in these services as as same as to the others, the timings and occasions of where these services are provided are the key factor which distinguish these 4 types of cleaning services from one another. The cleaning contractor who indertakes these kind of ongoing regular cleaning maintenace project, must fully comply with customer's requirements and expected to be provided services on agreed time periods, as required or specified by the customer. These cleaning programs are fully customizable and cleaning tasks that need to include or to exclude are solely decided by the customer. Though the cleaning is providing according to the initially agreed cleaning schedule, Zavvers provides a greater flexibility for customer to make amendments to the initially agreed cleaning schedule, upon notifying and the prior approval from Zavvers.

What is periodical cleaning?

Periodical cleaning service can also be known as deep/detailed cleaning. The only significant difference between these two types of cleaning is the meaning that each term stands for. Which is while the meaning of the deep cleaning service focus more on the cleaning tasks that are included within the deep cleaning service, the meaning of the periodical cleaning concentrate more about time frequency which the service is expected to be completed. Unlike the general cleaning services, the time duration between two sessions of periodical cleaning services that are expected to be provided is comparativly far longer than the cleaning frequency between two general cleaning sessions. Simply when a general cleaning service carries out two sessions within a same week, a periodical cleaning might provide two session for the entire year. This always depends on customer's cleaning requirements and cleaning frequencies between each services could be decided by the each property's unique cleaning requirements.

What is a spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a type of a cleaning, which many residential and commercial clients require mostly in annual basis, especially during the period between post winter and pre summer period of each year. Depend on customers requirement it can be either interior spring clean or an exterior clean or it also can be both interior and exterior that we may need to clean. Whichever the need the may have, the final objective is to perform a cleaning service to deep clean all surfaces, especially reach areas where usually neglect to clean by regular cleaners.

Cob-web removal, dust removal, shelves cleaning, kitchen and appliances cleaning, wall cleaning, shower screen cleaning and oven cleaning can be identified as some of the services which might include in a typical interior spring cleaning. Gutters and downpipes cleaning, windows cleaning, pressure wash cleaning, hedging, trimming, and pruning can be recognised as some of the common services that typically include in an exterior spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a better cleaning option to perform before the summer arrives, to get rid of long deposited dirt, dust, debris, grime, and stains out of surfaces and to allow people to live and work in a healthier environment. This will also add a fresher appearance to the property and prevent the chances of people getting sick, due to the lack of indoor air quality such as sick building syndrome.

What are the end of lease cleaning prices for commercial property clean?

Unfortunately, we are not be able to provide any fix price schedules for "Commercial End of Lease Cleaning Services". Since the nature of each commercial project is varied from one to another, and also services that are required for a bond cleaning service in most commercial projects are uniquely different between each project due to various reasons such as market industry that operates, the scale of the business, the interior design of the building, current cleaning condition of the property and etc. Therefore it is a must for us to have a prior inspection or specific and accurate information regarding the proposed commercial bond cleaning project, in order to prepare a price estimation for a moving out the cleaning of a commercial property. Nevertheless, our standard hourly rate of providing cleaning services for commercial purposes is $40 per cleaner. It will be multiplied by the number of cleaners involve and the total number of working hours have actually spent.

How many days in advance do I have to book the bond cleaning service?

When your lease contract of the property comes to an end soon, it is always a wise decision to start planning and organising of your moving out schedule before hand than waiting until for the last day of the moving out. Our recommendation is to get your end of lease cleaning service secure on any date between one (01) week to at least two (02) days prior to the date of lease agreement expires or to the date that you are expected to return keys back to owners of the property. Most importantly it is required from you to get reserved your required date of bond cleaning service, at least seven (07) days in advance to the booking date in order to avoid additional costs that may occur from last minute emergency bookings. Doing so would allow cleaners to provide a better service without rushing and to fix any cleaning issues (if any) that need to be attended before conclude the lease contract.

Does Zavvers end of lease cleaning service offer a bond back guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee you that all our cleaners are well trained, focused and motivated to provide the best quality cleaning service at all times to all our clients across the Perth region. We are not only having the best cleaning people to work for you but also with modern and state-of-the-art cleaning tools, eqipment, materials and chemicals to enhance the quality of the cleaning outcome for the every task we carry out. It is one of our primary objectives when providing an end of lease cleaning services, is to making sure that the every client gets their bond money fully refunded through the end of lease cleaning we have provided. Unfortunately, in most cases the quality of the bond cleaning is only one of many other concerns that evaluates when making the final decision of what would be the actual propotaion of the bond money that could be refunded. We are 100% responsible for the quality of the end of lease cleaning we provide. Therefore we will be immediately fixed any cleaning issues (within our scope of work) for free of charge as soon as they have been notified, in order to making sure that all issues are fixed up to owners expectations but, we will not be responsible for any issues that could arise due to maintaining of poor cleaning and hygiene standards inside the property that could cause difficulties to properly clean or any permanant damages to the property that might have occured during the tenancy period or for any cleaning or maintenance services that we have not been carried out.

Cleaning of the oven is included in the end of lease cleaning?

Detailed oven cleaning is included in the standard end of lease cleaning package. Except the fan inside the oven will not be dismantled and cleaned but rest of the interior and exterior parts of an oven will be thoroughly cleaned. It is important to note that, for ovens with heavy and long built up oil resudes, will be only attempted to clean up to two times, and for the ovens, which require more than two cleaning attempts to perform detailed oven cleaning while end of lease cleaning, would require tp pay an additional amount in addition to the initial agreed time. Non of the additional services will be added to the initially agreed work order, without obtaining the both party's prior concent. It is mandetory and will only be carried forward upon both parties concent.

Does the windows cleaning service include in the standard end of lease cleaning?

No, it is not but it can be included to the same end of lease cleaning service at a special discounted rate. It can be provided both interior and exterior windows cleaning service along with the standard end of lease cleaning service. This windows cleaning service includes cleaning of window tracks, frames, and sills. If there are any security screens also to be cleaned, then we only vaccum clean those screens unless otherwise the client is happy to pay extra for wash and clean of security screens. This is a great opportunity for all who seek for an end of lease cleaning service in Perth region to have a windows cleaning service which would cost $200 on average house but when you includes in to the end of lease clean service, it will be provided at a special rate of a 50% discounted price. So you could consider this as a complementary service that we offer to you as an appriciation of choosing Zavvers cleaning service for your end of lease cleaning requirements.