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How we clean your windows

We use these 8 key types of cleaning services to fulfill your requirement:

  • General Windows Clean

  • Deep Windows Clean

  • Ongoing Windows Clean

  • Annual Windows Cleaning Program

  • End of Lease Windows Cleaning

  • Nano Windows Coating Solutions

  • Builders Windows Cleaning

General Windows Clean

  • Recommended for businesses who require their windows to be cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Depending on your requirement we provide either interior window clean, or exterior window clean or both as a combined service.

  • This includes slight scrub with window cleaning solution, wash windows, squeegee clean, and wipe windows and glass panels.

  • It focuses on removing slight dirt, dust, or finger marks especially on display windows at retail shops or restaurants. It is also available as a one-off service or as a regular service.


Deep Windows Clean

  • Best option for both business and residential homeowners when they require a total deep cleanup for their property's windows.

  • We provide this service as a one-off cleaning or as a periodical service depending on your requirements.

  • Provides both interior and exterior window cleaning.

  • Concentrates on thoroughly cleaning of windows, frames, window tracks, and sills.

  • Includes removing cobwebs on windows and vacuum cleaning all blinds and security screens.

  • We also treat slightly developed calcium or lime scale due to boa water on the exterior window when required.


Ongoing Windows Clean

  • Upon your request, we take care of the maintenance of the cleanliness of your property's windows on a regular basis.

  • An ideal solution especially for retail business owners with display windows, restaurant owners, gym owners, and other businesses that require window cleaning on a regular basis.

  • Provided on; a daily basis, specific days in a given week, weekly basis, fortnightly basis, etc., as requested by clients.

  • We provide a general window cleaning that meets your budgetary requirement at the place you nominated.


Annual Windows Cleaning Program

  • Allow ZAVVERS to maintain the cleanliness of your property's windows throughout the year on behalf of you.

  • Ideal solution for businesses or residential properties that require their windows to be maintained on a regular basis.

  • This service consists of both general and deep windows cleaning services and cleans windows spotless without leaving any dirt, spots, or marks.

  • You can customize the window cleaning plan according to your requirements.

  • Must be a minimum one-year cleaning plan, which includes a series of regular and periodical window cleaning services throughout the year agreed upon by both parties.

  • Can be arranged for either interior, or for exterior or for both sides of windows.


End of Lease Windows Cleaning

Windows cleaning is a mandatory task that a commercial or a residential tenant must complete when they vacate from the existing rental property. Failure to complete this task according to the real estate's cleaning standards would possibly cost you to lose your bond partly or completely. ZAVVERS end of lease service provides a complete window cleaning solution that 100% complies with property management cleaning standards and bond back guarantee on windows cleaning service.

  • We also fix any end of lease windows cleaning issues, if identified through the property inspection, free of charge for a number of times until property management is fully satisfied.

  • This deep window cleaning includes everything listed on the deep windows cleaning service above.

  • A one-off cleaning service that can be provided upon the customer's official confirmation.


Nano Windows Coating Solutions

If you are looking for ways to reduce your annual window cleaning cost, this is the best solution for both commercial and residential customers. This service uses a transparent and non-toxic Nano-coating treatment which has many unique benefits.

  • Once you get your windows deep cleaned, we recommend you to get a Nano-coating applied at least for your exterior windows.

  • Once applied onto windows, it acts as a repellant and as a surface protector that does not allow dirt and dust build up on windows.

  • An ideal solution for properties with lots of windows and display glasses that also require regular services.

  • Once applied its performance lasts up to 2 years.

  • No repeat application required for a long time.

  • Prevents building up dirt and dust on treated surfaces

  • All dirt and dust build up on windows can be easily cleaned with minimal effort.

  • Exterior windows can be washed and fully cleaned automatically with rainwater without leaving any watermarks or dirt on windows once the surface is dry.


Builders Windows Cleaning

If you are a builder, renovator or an owner of a newly constructed building who is looking for an experienced and professional window cleaner to get your initial builders’ clean professionally done, you have come to the right place.

  • We provide this service as a part of a complete builders cleaning service or as an individual service only for the windows and glasses.

Our team is highly experienced in handling these types of projects with utmost professionalism. It can be paint marks, plaster marks, gum, permanent marker, or cement that needs to be cleaned; we provide non-scratchy but spotless window detailing service without using any sharp tools or harsh materials such as scourers for cleaning windows.

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