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ZAVVERS offers tailored top-grade cleaning services across all industry sectors including office spaces, gyms, medical centers, apartment complexes, residential property, schools, restaurants, and construction sites of varied shapes, sizes, and designs depending on your requirements. Whether you want your home or your office space squeaky clean, we treat it with equal importance, confidence and professionalism.

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We are a professional cleaning service provider based in Perth for domestic and commercial clients. Backed by the latest state-of-the-art technology, accreditation, and a multi-talented team testifying to proven results, our commitment is to provide premium cleaning services on par with industry standards to the whole of Western Australia.

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In our business operations, we employ an ISO 9001-2000 certified quality management system, non-hazardous products compliant with NOHSC regulations, and cutting-edge equipment. Our sustainability efforts ensure that we are equipped to do green cleaning and non-chemical cleaning while we develop a culture where our work family is well taken care of so that they can take care of what is important to you.   

What Makes Us Different?
Decluttering Spaces for Optimal Living

Cleaning spaces that are important to different individuals can be a labor-intensive and time consuming activity. However, an immaculate space that is completely sanitized is great for productivity as well as that instant shift of mood that keeps you positively happy throughout the day.

ZAVVERS offers the promise of decluttering your residential, commercial or construction spaces to ensure you are living the best life in the spaces that matter to you. Be it your forever home, commercial property or construction site, we work hard to keep it spotless clean.  

For us, cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing is as ongoing consistent practice we work on perfecting for our clients from all spheres of life and not a one-off project. For you, we go that extra mile.

The Journey So Far…


Incorporated in July, 2016, ZAVVERS is the brainchild of the combined hard work of two partners who have 10+ years of industry experience and specialization in cleaning, hygiene, facility management, and hospitality service sectors. From the start, prioritizing client satisfaction, quality, reliability, and trust has been the driving force of growth at ZAVVERS.

After identifying the need to provide a more comprehensive and professional approach to services that are on demand in commercial markets, we have designed a unique business model to be the best at what we do. While the majority of our services are provided in-house, we can also connect you with a wide range of additional independent and professional local tradespeople and service providers that will best fit your organization’s needs.


We are your one-stop shop for a vast range of specialized convenient and trade services without compromising on quality
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