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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Office cleaning can be known as one of the most commonly using cleaning services all around the world. Even though the costs, scope of work, deliverables and project duration may different one project to another, but the main components in an office cleaning program usually are universal. Means the, features of a comprehensive office cleaning program is almost similar to everywhere in the world. Inside of each cleaning component, there is a list of cleaning services which is outlining the standards, functionality and tasks involved in each listed cleaning service. A complete office cleaning program provides the framework and guidance for both parties to determine the work is carrying out according to requirements provided and on due time

Components Of An Office Cleaning Service.

A complete office cleaning service program, mainly has two cleaning components. They are;

  1. Regular General Cleaning Services.

  2. Periodical Deep Cleaning Services.

Generally, cleaning tasks that are included in one component can be totally different to the tasks listed down in the other components. The tasks listed in these component are designed to serve different purposes and tasks should carry out within agreed intervals as per the agreement.

Let's have a look at some key features of these two cleaning components.

Regular General Cleaning Services

  1. Cleaning services are expected to provide in regular intervals such as in daily, few days in a week, weekly and fortnightly basis.

  2. Services require to provide at a place where customer nominated and at the time which specified.

  3. This component includes of general cleaning tasks that are necessary to perform in order to maintaining the expected general cleaning standards.

  4. To perform these tasks do not require special chemicals, machinery, equipment or expertise as periodical services do. but only the general knowledge, hand cleaning tools, materials and chemicals.

  5. General Cleaning Tasks are basically involving with spray & wipe, dusting, hand scrubbing, clearing, vacuum clean and mopping.

  6. Required general cleaning standards to be met at the end of each regular office clean service are usually listed down under this component.

Periodical Deep Cleaning

Periodical deep cleaning services are included in a standard office cleaning service
Periodical Office Cleaning

  1. Services that require to perform time to time or only within certain times of the year, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually can be identified as a periodical cleaning services.

  2. Periodical Cleaning Services includes a list of individual cleaning services which do not require to perform regular basis but only in certain times of the year.

  3. Requirement of these services either can be pre-scheduled to perform in certain dates or requested to perform only when the need arise.

  4. Supplier is expected have special resources, experiences, knowledge and trainings to carry out certain cleaning tasks.

  5. These cleaning tasks requires special tools, equipment, materials, chemicals and machinery to perform.

  6. Cleaning staff is expected have experience and knowledge in performing different types of cleaning services.

  7. Some of the cleaning services include; Windows cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Hard floor cleaning, Exterior cleaning, Pressure wash cleaning and etc.

A complete office cleaning programme always has the attributes of these two cleaning components. Having get your office space regularly clean not will improve the public impression but also, it will reduce future maintenance costs, risk of exposing to harmful pathogens and automatically improving the overall health of everyone within by improving the indoor air quality.

Cleaning is our goal. We get to the smallest detail at your office space. Your office's general clean needs will be covered by our experienced staff providing an unique and personalized service. It is totally customisable according to your business's unique cleaning needs. We work with the highest quality standards and use specialised cleaning materials to get cleaning professionally done. There is no small job for our cleaning staff. We make sure to use the best products in the market to make sure to deliver you a professionally cleaned property back.

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