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Periodical Cleaning Services

Generally these services do not require to provide more frequently but they may require to provide in periodical intervals such as quarterly basis, semi-annual basis or basis. The need of having these services may vary to property to property. Commercial properties might require to provide these services from its cleaning contractor more frequently than a private residential owner. The date and time to provide these services can be predetermined or pre-requested especially for ongoing cleaning projects but also, they are available for anyone who requires only one-off cleaning depending on circumstances.

  • As an individual one-off services

  • As a regular periodical maintenance

  • As a part of a contract cleaning services


Why Periodical Cleaning Is Important?

You may be wondering why you need to get certain areas or certain surfaces of your property cleaned periodical basis specially if you have already hired a cleaning service provider to maintain the general cleaning duties in regular basis within your property. The reason is, no matter how often you get your property cleaned, a general cleaning service would not be able to provide the in-depth cleaning that certain areas are required to maintain their original or the cleaner appearance on its surfaces. If you do not get properly maintained areas such as your hard floors, carpet floors, windows, sofas and even outside garden on regular but periodical intervals, it might cost you more money than you need to pay if you maintained properly on periodical basis. Benefits of having a periodical cleaning maintenance in place are.

  • Improves the durability of a surface or a material.

  • Newer and cleaner appearance will last longer.

  • Does not allow to cause any permanent damages to surfaces.

  • Would not allow any discolorations.

  • Reduce long-term recurrent costs.  

Periodical Cleaning Program

This is a fully customizable and flexible service that any commercial or a residential property owner can have, to get the certain areas of the property (whether interior or exterior) professionally cleaned and well maintained throughout a year. It is completely up to you decide which areas to be cleaned and which services are expected to provide by Zavvers with in which period during the year. It can be once a year service or two times a year service or quarterly or monthly cleaning maintenance according to your unique needs. It also can be only one particular type of service or a several types of services you may require based on your need. Once you provide your specifications regarding the work, we will schedule a cleaning program to suite your cleaning requirements. Remember, it is always cost-effective for you to include more than one cleaning service, into the periodical cleaning schedule or, to have a cleaning service at least more than four times within a year, instead of having a single service just a once or two times a year. We offer great services at a competitive and a cost-worthy prices, for those who interested in scheduling a periodical cleaning maintenance program, for an entire year rather than for those who require our services only in a special occasion or only as a one-off service. 

List of Available Periodical Cleaning Service

  • Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing

  • Fabric, Leather and Upholstery Cleaning

  • Glasses and Windows Cleaning and Detailing

  • Stripping and Sealing Floors and Benchtops

  • Floor (stone, marble, slate, rubber, vinyl, etc.) Cleaning

  • Tiles and Grouts Cleaning and Polishing

  • Varnishing Furniture and Polishing Metal Surfaces

  • Exterior Cleaning (gardening, gutters and downpipes)

List of Cleaning Service

01. Regular General Cleaning
02. Periodical Detailed Cleaning
03. Spring Cleaning
04. End of Lease/ Move out Cleaning
05. Property Selling Cleaning
06. Post Construction/ Builders Cleaning

07. Renovation Cleaning
08. Carpet Cleaning 
09. Sofa and Fabric Cleaning
10. Windows/ Glass Cleaning
11. Floor (Scrub) Cleaning
12. Tiles and Grouts Cleaning

13. Washroom Descaling
14. Kitchen Deep Cleaning
15. Oven Cleaning
16. Pressure wash Cleaning
17. Lawnmowing 
18. Gardening (weed, trim, hedge, slash)

19. Anti-bacterial Treatment
20. Deodorizing Treatments
21. Fabric protection and sterilizing
22. Air-purifying Solution
23. Anti-fogging and Self-cleaning 
24. Surface protection & Low-maintenance Solutions

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