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"Zavvers Total Cleaning Package: Your One-Stop Solution for Cleaning and Supplies in Perth"

Updated: Jun 5

In the bustling city of Perth, managing multiple cleaning contractors for various needs can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a builder, business owner, or homeowner, coordinating different services for your cleaning requirements can be a logistical nightmare. Enter Zavvers, TOTAL CLEANING PACKAGE is your one-stop-solution for all residential, commercial, post construction and industrial cleaning services and also for supplying and delivering of all office and washroom consumable products. Zavvers provides professional and comprehensive range of cleaning solutions, ensuring that all your cleaning needs are met under one roof, offering convenience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s explore how Zavvers caters to different clients, making their lives easier.


1.1 Commercial & Office Clean -

Whether you need to maintain a multi-story corporate office, a cozy home office, a large shopping center, a small retail shop, an upscale restaurant, or even a compact food cart, Zavvers Pty Ltd offers customizable and tailored cleaning solutions. Our services are competitively priced without compromising on quality. We cater to a wide range of commercial properties, ensuring pristine cleanliness for your business environment.

Office Clean

Hotels & Pubs Clean

Hospitals & Clean Room Clean

Strata Clean

Government & Council Buildings Clean

Bars & Restaurant Clean

Medical Centre Clean

Swim Pool Clean

School Clean

Cinemas and Event Venues

Care Centre Clean

Gym Cleaning

Shopping Centre Clean

Sport Centres & Exterior Turfs Clean

Healthcare Clean

Gaming Arcades Clean

1.2 Industrial Clean -

Our total industrial cleaning solutions cover all the aspects of cleaning that a typical warehouse/ workshop usually requires. It offers warehouse or site offices regular cleaning maintenance and Periodical cleaning such as pressure cleaning, windows cleaning, Deep floor cleanings, cob-web removal, and one-off cleaning services such as end-of-lease cleaning, degreasing, and ceiling cleaning as required.

1.3 Post-construction Clean -

Commercial and residential new constructions, Single story to multi-story buildings, Interior detailed cleaning, Windows detailed cleaning, Floor cleaning, Pressure cleaning, Calcium removal, and Rust removal.

Zavvers provides comprehensive deep cleaning to remove construction dust, paint, paint, plaster, cement splatters, tapes, stickers, protective films and other debris or construction residues, ensuring the property is pristine and ready for occupancy.

1.4 Residential Clean -

Homeowners often juggle various cleaning tasks to maintain a clean and comfortable living space. Zavvers offers a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of residential cleaning, providing peace of mind to homeowners.

The most popular residential cleanings are End-of-lease clean, Spring cleaning, Rental inspection cleaning, Home opening cleaning, Regular house cleaning, windows cleaning, carpet clean, rugs and upholstery clean, tile and grout cleaning, Shower cleaning, Oven cleaning.

Zavvers’ regular cleaning services ensure that living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are consistently clean.

For tenants moving out, Zavvers provides detailed cleaning services that meet landlord requirements, helping ensure the return of the security deposit. This service offers thorough interior detailed house cleaning including shower screen cleaning, oven cleaning, exhaust fans cleaning, wall cleaning, windows cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, and a lot more additional services on demand.

A thorough spring cleaning service rejuvenates the home, addressing every nook and cranny. This helps to remove most dust out of your home, remove cobwebs, and make your home a cleaner place ready to welcome the summer after a rainy winter season.

With Zavvers, businesses and all our clients can focus on their core activities while enjoying consistent, high-quality cleaning services from a single contractor.


Zavvers is unlike most cleaning companies you typically find in the market which are usually specialized in supplying certain type of cleaning services only for a selected target audience. We are cleaning professionals with more than 10+ years of industry experience with the capacity and the competency to provide a vast range of individual cleaning services to cover almost every cleaning aspect belonging to both the interior and exterior of any sort of property whether commercial, residential, or industrial.

2.1 Property Interior Cleaning Services.

Services that are available for a property interior cleaning.

Wall cleaning, High dusting, Ceiling cleaning, Cob-web removal, Calcium/ water stain removal, Oven deep cleaning, Clean furniture and kitchen electrical appliances, Tiles and grouts cleaning, Descale toilets and sinks, Deep cleaning and polish stainless steel fittings, Blinds and security screens clean, Window glasses, frames, tracks and sills clean, Interior high/skylight windows clean, Internal glass balustrades cleaning, Hard floor deep scrub, Carpet, sofa, rugs and upholstery cleaning

2.2 Property Exterior Cleaning Services.

Mowing of Lawns, Hedge Trimming, Beautification & Tidying up of the garden, Leaf Removal, Small to Medium tree pruning, Mulching, Gutter Cleaning, Roof Cleaning & Wash, Exterior Ceiling painting, Concrete driveway Sealing and re-sealing, Laying of Natural lawn/ grass, Planting/ Replanting of small and big plants, Installation of Reticulation system, Exterior windows cleaning, Grill/BBQ cleaning, Pool and balcony glasses cleaning, Pressure wash clean, Acid wash clean, Garage door clean, All types of exterior floorings and walls cleaning.


3.1 One-off Cleaning Services.

One-off cleaning services are designed for situations where a one-time cleaning is needed without any ongoing commitment. These services are typically required on an as-needed basis and often involve unique tasks that differ from one another. They necessitate the use of specialized tools, equipment, materials, and solutions. Consequently, one-off cleaning jobs may take longer to complete compared to standard cleaning services.

3.2 Regular Cleaning Maintenance.

Zavvers provides daily or weekly, fortnightly cleaning of workstations, benchtops floors, kitchens, wash rooms, and common areas, ensuring the offices, workshops or houses remain clean and inviting. At Zavvers Pty Ltd, we understand that maintaining a clean and well-kept property is essential for a healthy and inviting environment. Our Regular Property Cleaning Maintenance Service is tailored to meet the ongoing needs of your property, ensuring it remains pristine and well-maintained throughout the year.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals uses top-of-the-line equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver superior results. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial properties, we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, including dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing, and more.

With Zavvers Pty Ltd, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is in expert hands. We work around your schedule, offering flexible cleaning plans that suit your specific needs and preferences. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that every nook and cranny is spotless, creating a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests.

Choose Zavvers Pty Ltd for your regular property cleaning maintenance and experience the difference of a truly professional cleaning service. Let us help you maintain a clean, safe, and beautiful property all year round.

3.3 Periodical Cleaning Maintenance.

At Zavvers Pty Ltd, we offer exceptional Periodical Property Cleaning Maintenance Services designed to keep your property in top condition through regular, scheduled cleanings. Our periodical cleaning services are ideal for properties that require consistent, thorough cleaning to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our monthly cleaning service provides an extensive deep clean, tackling those hard-to-reach and often overlooked areas. This service includes tasks like window cleaning, carpet shampooing, and thorough dusting of all surfaces, ensuring your property looks its best on a regular basis.

For properties that require less frequent but intensive cleaning, our quarterly or annual service is ideal. This includes all the benefits of our monthly service, with an additional focus on seasonal tasks such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and exterior maintenance.

Zavvers Pty Ltd also offers customized cleaning schedules tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a unique combination of services or have particular areas that need special attention, we work with you to create a personalized cleaning plan.

With Zavvers Pty Ltd, you can rely on our experienced and professional team to deliver exceptional cleaning results every time. Our periodical property cleaning maintenance services ensure your property remains spotless, safe, and inviting, providing you with the highest level of satisfaction and peace of mind. Choose Zavvers Pty Ltd for your cleaning needs and experience the ultimate in property care.

3.4 Emergency Cleaning Services.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them, and they often bring with them urgent cleaning challenges. Zavvers Pty Ltd offers comprehensive Emergency Cleaning Services designed to respond quickly and efficiently to unforeseen situations, ensuring your property is restored to a clean and safe condition in no time.

Water flooding inside, pet urine, wine spillage, property vandalism, accidents, or crime scene cleaning.

3.5 Deep Cleaning & Restorations.

Deep cleaning is a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process that goes beyond regular housekeeping to eliminate dirt, grime, and bacteria from every corner of your property. It involves detailed cleaning of both visible and hidden areas, ensuring that even the most hard-to-reach spots are spotless and sanitized. Some of the deep cleaning services are as follows.

Restoration cleaning is a specialized cleaning service aimed at restoring properties to their original condition after significant damage or neglect. This type of cleaning is often necessary following events such as fires, floods, mold infestations, or extensive neglect. Restoration cleaning involves not only deep cleaning but also repair and remediation efforts to address the specific damage. Intensive cleaning sessions for neglected areas help maintain a hygienic work environment.

Some of the restoration cleaning services are as follows.


4.1 Greater flexibility and customizability.

At Zavvers Pty Ltd, we understand that every property and client has unique cleaning needs. Our services offer greater flexibility and customizability to ensure that your specific requirements are met. Whether you need a tailored cleaning schedule, specialized cleaning tasks, or adjustments to accommodate your routine, we work closely with you to create a personalized cleaning plan. This approach allows us to provide services that fit seamlessly into your life or business operations, ensuring maximum convenience and satisfaction.

4.2 Free obligation quotes and recommendations.

We believe in transparency and helping our clients make informed decisions. Zavvers Pty Ltd offers free, no-obligation quotes and recommendations for all our cleaning services. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your property and cleaning needs, providing you with a detailed estimate and professional advice on the best solutions. This ensures you have a clear understanding of the services required and their costs, allowing you to choose the most suitable options without any pressure or hidden surprises.

4.3 24/7 Service Availability.

Emergencies and urgent cleaning needs can arise at any time, which is why Zavvers Pty Ltd provides 24/7 service availability. Whether it's a sudden spill, an unexpected event, or any other immediate cleaning requirement, our team is always ready to respond promptly. Our round-the-clock availability ensures that you can rely on us whenever you need assistance, providing peace of mind and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your property at all times.

4.4 Complaints management procedures.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we take any concerns or complaints seriously. Zavvers Pty Ltd has established comprehensive complaints management procedures to address and resolve any issues swiftly and effectively. Our dedicated customer service team is available to listen to your feedback, investigate the matter, and take corrective actions to ensure your complete satisfaction. This proactive approach helps us continuously improve our services and maintain high standards of quality and reliability.

4.5 Attend and fix any cleaning issues within the scope for free.

Our commitment to quality assurance extends beyond the completion of our services. If any cleaning issues arise within the scope of our agreement, Zavvers Pty Ltd will attend to and fix them at no additional cost. We stand by the quality of our work and ensure that any problems are promptly addressed and resolved to your satisfaction. This guarantee reflects our dedication to providing exceptional service and maintaining long-term trust and confidence with our clients.


At Zavvers Pty Ltd, we offer a comprehensive Supply, Delivery & Distribution service for office and washroom consumable products, designed to bring unparalleled convenience to our customers. Here's how our service can benefit you:

5.1 Streamlined Operations.

By handling the supply, delivery, and distribution of consumable products, Zavvers Pty Ltd simplifies your operations. You no longer need to manage multiple suppliers or coordinate deliveries, freeing up your time and resources to focus on your core business activities. We ensure a seamless and efficient process from order placement to delivery, reducing administrative burdens and operational complexities.

5.2 Consistent Supply and Stock Management.

Our service ensures that your office and washroom consumables are always in stock, preventing any disruptions caused by running out of essential items. We monitor your usage patterns and adjust delivery schedules to match your needs, maintaining optimal inventory levels. This proactive approach eliminates the hassle of last-minute orders and emergency purchases, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted service.

5.3 High-Quality Products.

Zavvers Pty Ltd sources high-quality office and washroom consumable products from reputable suppliers. We provide a wide range of items, including paper towels, toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizers, office supplies, and more. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive reliable and effective products that meet your standards and contribute to a clean and professional environment.

Choosing Zavvers Pty Ltd for the supply, delivery, and distribution of your office and washroom consumable products brings unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and reliability to your business operations. Let us handle the details so you can focus on what matters most – running your business smoothly and effectively.


  1. Convenience: Having all cleaning needs met by one contractor simplifies coordination and reduces stress.

  2. Consistency: With Zavvers, you can expect consistent quality and service across all cleaning tasks.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Bundling services with Zavvers often leads to cost savings compared to hiring multiple contractors.

  4. Expertise: Zavvers’ team of professionals is trained in various cleaning techniques and uses the latest equipment to deliver superior results.

  5. Flexibility: Whether you need regular maintenance or one-time deep cleaning, Zavvers can tailor their services to meet your specific needs.

Zavvers offers a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs in Perth. From construction cleaning to residential and office cleaning, as well as exterior and gardening services, Zavvers ensures your space is clean, welcoming, and well-maintained. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple contractors and enjoy the convenience, consistency, and quality that Zavvers provides. Contact Zavvers today and experience the ease of having all your cleaning solutions from one place..


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