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Ultimate Guide to Perfect Residential Post-Construction Cleaning: Step-by-Step Procedure of Initial Full House Cleaning for Immaculate Results.

Builders cleaning Perth: Zavvers cleaning professionals performing post-construction cleaning on large floor-to-ceiling windows in a newly built residential property. The team uses ladders and cleaning tools to ensure a spotless finish, removing construction debris and dust.
Zavvers Builders Cleaners meticulously performing post-construction cleaning on a new residential property in Perth.

At Zavvers Builders Cleaners, we prioritize high standards for every residential post-construction cleaning project. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide for our cleaning staff to ensure efficiency and thoroughness from start to finish in builders cleaning Perth.

Key Steps in Initial Full House Cleaning

  1. Assessment

  2. Preparation

  3. Windows Cleaning

  4. Interior Cleaning

  5. Completion


  • Verify Location: Confirm the address using floor plans or delivery notes found in the kitchen area.

  • Initial Inspection: Walk through the property, inspecting areas to understand the work required. Document any mess caused by other trades with before photos.

  • Prepare Tools: Ensure all necessary tools and supplies are ready, including:

  - Blower, broom, dustpan, and brush

  - Knife, screwdriver, plastic scraper

  - Tracks brush, corner/hand brush

  - Wet and dry cloths, gum remover cloths, bin bags

  - Ladder, window cleaning pack, cleaning chemicals, vacuum cleaner, mop, and bucket


  • Gear Up: Equip yourself with the necessary tools and personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Prepare Cleaning Solutions:

- For windows: 1 capful of window cleaning chemicals in half a bucket of water.

  - For interior surfaces: 3 drops of ForAll chemical in half a bucket of water.

  • Remove Obstacles: Remove tapes and plastic covers, agitate sand deposits in window tracks, and blow out dust from surfaces like cupboards and bathtubs.

  • Floor Sweeping: Sweep all floors, collect rubbish into bags, and dispose of it properly.


  • Preparation: Gather the window cleaning pack, necessary tools, and solvent chemicals. Use separate cloths for different tasks to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Cleaning Steps:

  - Clean window frames before the glass.

  - Remove all residues such as tapes, glue, cement, and plaster.

- Take photos of areas needing additional work and report to management.

  - Clean larger windows first and use designated cloths to avoid cross-contamination.

  - Ensure all windows are free from stickers, writing, glue, cement, paint, dust, and smears.


  • Dust Removal: Blow off or vacuum clean dust from mirror tracks, cupboards, and all corners.

  • Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaning: Ensure all surfaces are free from stickers, plastic films, and glue residues. Use a systematic wiping method with designated cloths for dust removal, drying, and polishing. All surfaces must be free from any smear or dry wipe marks.

  • Final Inspection: Ensure all surfaces, especially cupboards and mirrors, are dust-free and smear-free.


  • Final Touches: Vacuum and mop all floors, starting from the back and moving to the entrance to avoid footprints.

  • Inspection: Double-check all windows, frames, cupboards, and wall tiles to ensure no smears or residues are left.

  • Lock Up: Secure all windows, and doors, and fill out the online attendance sheet. Submit before and after photos with a description of any special issues and total hours worked.

By following these steps, Zavvers Builders Cleaners ensures impeccable cleaning results and customer satisfaction on every project. For professional and thorough builders cleaning Perth, trust Zavvers to transform your construction site into a pristine, welcoming space.

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