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Looking For A Quality and Professional Office Cleaning Service Provider?

Updated: Jan 13

If you run a business property and you are currently looking for a qualified and experienced cleaning team to get maintained your office spaces professionally, this article aims to provide you some important tips to consider before making a final decision.

As there are vast number of office cleaning services are available in the market, it is important for you to select a cleaning contractor, who your business can rely on. Cleaning is an industry where people can start a business without having a proper industry qualification or experiences. Therefore, finding a professional and reliable cleaning services provider is an imperative factor for every business as, choosing a wrong office cleaner could end your business up by losing your ROI, causing additional repairing/fixing costs and creating an unpleasant working environment for the workers and to the customers.

Importance of Selecting The Right Office Cleaning Service.

This is a cleaning service that you need to be more vigilant when you are selecting a service provider to your business. It is a fact that, with a right cleaning contractor a business can thrive and at the same time, by having a wrong cleaning contractor could cause significant damage or loss to your business property over the period of time.

You might in a hurry to replace your existing office cleaning contractors but, Please DO NOT RUSH the process. This should not treat as just another service that you could try and experience because, if it is not the right service for you, it would cost lots of time, money and energy for the business to replace an existing contractor with a new cleaner. Therefore, it is always the safest method for any business that is interested in hiring a office cleaning service, to carry out an initial research and make requests on specific information from potential suppliers to be able to analyse each other's qualities thoroughly. Determining whether the supplier is going to be the perfect match for your business needs, is a process that needs to follow carefully, as there are large number of businesses pretended to be professional cleaning services, while providing cleaning services that are low and substandard in quality.

Make Sure To Research Properly For The Right Office Cleaner.

We are recommending following steps for you to follow, when selecting the right office cleaning service for the business. Though it could consume extra time and effort, it is absolutely worth doing this process as this could help you to find a professional office cleaning service provider who could take the accountability and the responsibility of your office space's cleaning maintenance.

01. Perform a Background Check -

  • Type the business name on google and see what information you can gather. More the links you can appear on google, more information you can gather.

  • Type the ABN and determine the legality and the structure.

  • Longer the business operates, its better.

  • Check for service sectors and available services - better to have all-in-one-service provider.

  • Check for more photos and videos posted at the social media.

02. Reviews & References

  • Check for special services and specialities.

  • Check for reviews on google and other service directories.

  • Request for customer references.

  • Request for a price quotation - Professionals always have a prior inspection.

03. Find out the features included in the office cleaning service.

  • What pricing strategy are they following - Be careful with Low cost strategies.

  • Are there any trial period available?

  • What cleaning tasks are included in their general office cleaning service?

  • Are there any associate commercial cleaning services available on request?

  • Is there a flexibility to create your own office cleaning schedule according to your own terms?

  • What are the sizes of businesses they are confident on servicing?

  • Does the business have trained and experience cleaners available?

  • Quality Assurance procedure and compliance details?

  • How to manage complaints/ issues and what customer support available?

  • Do they offer tailored services to meet budgetary requirements.

  • Would the carry out site supervisions, performance audits and employee training in regular basis?

  • Use of professional and specialised tools, equipment, materials and chemicals as appropriately for all cleaning tasks.

  • Level of attention to details - higher the better.

  • Do they supply all necessary cleaning, tools, equipment, materials and chemicals?

  • Are they taking actions to properly wash and clean used cloths?

  • Could the office cleaner be able to supply and distribute office consumable products? If so the list of products.




"You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”·

If your business operates in the industry for a long time and you have been trying so many different kinds of cleaning businesses throughout the period, your perception of office cleaning contractors must not be a quite positive as it should be. What most cleaning contractors promise is not what they provide. Maintaining the Consistency, Quality, Honesty, and Competency throughout the project duration are some key deliverables that most businesses are expected to receive in return from the investment that they make on office cleaning services. Unfortunately, when cleaning contractors try to focus more on maximizing the profits rather than focusing on the actual project deliverables of their cleaning contract, then leave customers with disappointment, further losses and also with permanent damages to surfaces and to the property due to lack of maintenance which cannot be easily reversible.

Haven't you found the right office cleaning contractor for your business yet?

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