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Renovation Cleaning

Well-experienced team of cleaning personals.

Services to the highest attention to details if requires.

Use professional tools, materials, equipment and techniques.

Suitable for all residential, commercial and industrial cleaning needs.

On time service delivery with the quality assurance.

Single cleaning contractor from start to finish of the project.

For the projects requires highest level of cleaning quality.

Why You Choose Us

  • We tailor cleaning solutions to meet you expectations. 

  • Flexible to select either total or a part of a renovation clean as require.

  • Equipped with best tools and industry experts.

  • Previous industry experiences from similar projects.

  • Clear understanding of the nature of the work and requirements.

  • Assure a total transformation of the cleanliness.

  • Sound knowledge of rules and condition of renovation cleaning.

Building Cleaning Service

Professional Renovation Cleaner

  • Everything about renovation cleaning.

  • Post demolition dust removal and Post renovation deep clean.

  • House clean, Commercial property clean and Retail shops clean.

  • Interior clean, Exterior clean and Windows clean.

  • Detailed/ Deep cleaning and General cleaning.

  • 10+ years commercial and residential builders clean experience.

  • 7/24 hours service & Emergency respond.

  • 100% Quality assurance, Affordable service & Value for money.

Services We Offer

Total renovation cleaning solutions
Individual renovation cleaning services 


Type of Services Include in Renovation System


Complete dust removal.

Clean all surfaces, wall fittings, and switches.

Clean furniture, bench tops, and cupboards.

Clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets.

Walls and floors cleaning.

Remove paint, plaster and cement residual.

Floor deep cleaning, and sealing.

Carpet vacuum and steam cleaning.


Interior windows and glass cleaning.

Exterior windows cleaning up to 15m height.

Wash and clean all dust and dirt.

Remove paint, plaster, cement & gum without scraping.

Carefully clean sun protection screens.

Windows frames, tracks and sills cleaning.

Remove sticker and markings on glasses.

Clean sliding doors, balcony, staircase and pool glasses.

Use of non-hazardous cleaning detergents.

Use of both traditional squeegee and water-fed-pole cleaning systems.


Sweep or vacuum clean exterior floors.

Mop or wash exterior floors.

Scrub and deep clean exterior floors.

Removal of paint, plaster and cement residuals.

Remove dust and dirt from external fittings.

Additional Renovation Cleaning Services (on request)

  1. Gutter cleaning / Gardening Services.

  2. Pressure wash cleaning.

  3. Application of varnish on wooden frames.

  4. Application of Nan0-coating solutions.

  5. Polish ornaments (bronze/silver). 

  6. Floor strip and seal.

Who needs renovation cleaning services?

  • Commercial Builders

  • Residential Builders

  • Strata Companies

  • Home Renovators

  • Property Developers

  • Construction Contractors​

Floor preparation for laying carpets

Cleaner floor makes a clearer mind. Our effort is to return a spotless property with the brand new appearance as possible as it should be. In many cases, just mop and finish the floor cleaning is not sufficient especially on builders cleaning. Paint marks, gum marks or the builders dust are almost impossible to get rid of just like that and they always pop back up when the floor is dry.

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