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5 Service Categories of Zavvers Commercial Cleaning.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We use these 5 key types of cleaning categories to fulfil your requirement:

  • One-off Cleaning Services

  • Regular Cleaning Services

  • Periodical Cleaning Services

  • Contract Cleaning Services

  • Emergency and Events Cleaning Services

One-off Cleaning Services

  • We offer a vast range of individual cleaning services, which your businesses can utilize at any given time.

  • One-off cleaning services for businesses who require the expertise of an industry professional who specializes and is experienced in providing services to match your specification.

  • We provide free consultation for any commercial and office cleaning related concern that you may have and there will be no obligation for you to use our services because of this.

  • We provide you with the most reliable recommendation based on our years of experience to allow customers to make well-informed decisions about their cleaning projects.

We have mastered several individual services that are applicable for any type of commercial, industrial and office cleaning need, which includes:


Regular Cleaning Services

  • This is best for offices or any other commercial property that require their cleaning to be maintained on a daily basis, few days a week, weekly basis, or on a fortnightly basis.

  • We maintain the cleanliness of the nominated area up to standard every time we complete our services.

  • Our use of professional chemicals, tools, materials, and equipment to deliver a high quality service guarantees efficiency

  • We maintain visibly spotless as well as hygienically well-treated cleaning standards within our every work site.


Periodical Cleaning services

  • This set of services best fits a business owner, who prefers hiring a cleaning service provider to get certain sections of their commercial property professionally cleaned time to time when the need arise.

  • This can be either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually according to your requirements.

  • Windows cleaning, carpets, rugs and fabric cleaning, hard floor scrubbing and polishing stripping and sealing, pressure wash cleaning can be identified as some main services that are commonly in high demand in our portfolio of solutions.

  • Once you hire our periodical services, we will carry out the work at your nominated locations for the agreed upon duration and the areas specified.


Contract Cleaning Services

  • This set of services is commonly used by government and commercial /business organizations that wish to maintain the cleanliness of their interior or exterior sections of the business property, on a regular basis for a minimum of one-year.

  • This requires a formal agreement between customer and the supplier, outlining mainly the specifications, terms and conditions that both parties must agree upon. Once the agreement is signed, it becomes a legally binding document, which both parties must fulfil .

  • Based on the nature of the contract, a cleaning project must at least run for a minimum of 12 months.

  • The final cleaning program will include both general and deep cleaning duties throughout the year. It is the cleaning contractor’s responsibility to provide services in a manner that 100% comply with the customer's requirements and standards.

All services are aimed to meet the customer's expected cleaning standards on nominated areas delivered within the relevant time period outlined in the initial contract document. This could be the safest, convenient and the most cost effective approach an organization can take as improper maintenance could result in permanent damages and reduce the overall durability and value of the properties.


Emergency and Events Cleaning Services

  • We provide cleaning services for emergencies, special occasions, and events.

  • Emergency at an office such as a spillage or a leakage is something we can help clean up.

  • Emergency cleaning to be performed in typical office environments.

  • We provide pre and post event cleaning services as per your requirements for any celebration, party, meeting or any sort of a function that your office is hosting.

  • We provide this service anytime of the day regardless of time, be it midnight or middle of the day when you need it. However, a 24-hour prior notice on our end is required unless it is an emergency job.

These services are provided upon a formal request made by the customer. This request can be made by issuing a "job specific detailed work order" outlining the scope of duties to perform. Unless it is an emergency cleaning, all the other cleaning duties will be provided according to the initially agreed cleaning price schedule.

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