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How we clean your hard floors

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We use these 3 key types of cleaning services to fulfill your requirement:

  • Hard Floor Deep Scrub Cleaning Services

  • Surface Stripping, Sealing and Polishing

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hard Floor Deep Scrub Cleaning Services

Zavvers Hard Floor Scrub Cleaning Service is available for any commercial, industrial and residential floor cleaning needs.

We are competent and professionally equipped to deep scrub clean any type of surface whether it is a floor, a wall, or a bench top. Deep scrub cleans any surface on any specific area regardless of interior, exterior, horizontal, or vertical.

Types of surfaces can be, Concrete, Natural stone, Bricks, Paving, Wooden, Vinyl, Rubber, Sport surfaces, Tiles or Marble. Floors will be cleaned using recommended scrubbing methods and techniques to remove almost all dust, sand, mud, grease, oil, stains or any residue from surfaces.

In many cases, just mopping and finishing the floor cleaning is not sufficient, especially in builders cleaning. Paint marks, gum marks or the builders' dust are almost impossible to get rid of just like that and they always pop back up when the floor is dry.

Deep cleaned surfaces can also be treated with Nano Protective & Self-cleaning coatings, which improves durability, protection, and also it reduces future cleaning & maintenance costs.


Floors Stripping, Sealing and Polishing

Almost all floors require deep cleaning from time to time to maintain its cleaner finish. Especially for glossy surfaces and floors, Stripping, Sealing, Waxing and burnishing is necessary to maintain a uniform glossy appearance.

Make no mistake, Strip and Seal is for not only glossy surfaces but, it can also be applicable to non-glossy and matt looking surfaces as well. Proper methods and chemicals will be used based on the nature of your flooring.

We promise your floors a uniform glossy appearance, which is free of scuff marks, heel marks, wax build-up, and other stains and discoloration.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

A cleaner floor makes a clearer mind. Our effort is to return a spotless property with the brand new appearance as possible as it should be. Especially the tile floors in building with higher human traffic, it is not only sufficient to maintain the floor cleanliness just by vacuuming and mopping, as it does not entirely remove grime from tiles floors. When soil and grime build up on tiles and grouts over the time, will automatically start displaying the signs of discolouration on tile floors. It is important to use professional equipment such as auto floor scrubbers to deep clean tiles and grouts periodical basis, if you care about the appearance of your work place floors. This gives cleaner appearance, well-maintained and protected floorings to your work place that also leads to lower repairing costs in long run.

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