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How we clean your carpets and fabrics

We use these 5 key types of cleaning services to fulfill your requirement:

  • Vacuum Cleaning Method

  • Steam Cleaning Method

  • Hot Water Extraction Method

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • Carpet Shampooing

Vacuum Cleaning Method

This is the quickest and easiest way of getting your leather, upholstery and carpets cleaned on a regular basis. This is the first step anyone needs to follow prior to starting using any other deep cleaning methods.

  • We use backpack or upright vacuum cleaning machines together with necessary accessories to keep fabric, leather and carpet surfaces clean, daily or regularly.

  • Using proper accessories and equipment improves the level of cleanliness by allowing us to remove dirt from surfaces even in hard to reach areas.

  • This is an ideal cleaning option for your carpets and fabrics to get rid of most visible dirt, hair and other droppings on surfaces.

  • It is considered a general cleaning method rather than a deep cleaning method.

If you use these methods to clean surfaces on a daily basis, it is recommended they undergo a deep cleaning from time to time on a periodical basis.


Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning can be used to clean leather, carpets, and fabric surfaces.

  • It is an ideal cleaning method for day-to-day cleaning maintenance of leather, fabric, and carpet surfaces.

  • Focuses on disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces while getting surfaces looking visibly refreshed.

  • Uses a hospitality grade steam cleaner which boils water up to 180 degrees to make powerful steam to clean surfaces and kill all germs and bacteria from surfaces.

It is important to have any surface vacuum cleaned before performing a steam clean on any leather, fabric, or carpet surfaces to prevent dirt from sinking to the bottom of the carpet or fabric pile.


Hot Water Extraction Method

This service is commonly identified as a "Steam Cleaning" method, but it does not produce any steam when cleaning but hot water.

  • The hot water used can be mixed with fabric or carpet cleaning solutions.

  • The water is then pushed down to the surfaces under a specific pressure using the carpet cleaning wand, and vacuum clean water sprayed to surfaces using an in-build powerful vacuum, without leaving residue on surfaces.

  • A highly requested carpet deep cleaning service that can be used on a periodical basis.

However, it may not be the most effective method of cleaning to remove certain types of dirt such as hair, wool, etc.


Carpet Dry Cleaning

We use specialized carpet scrub cleaning machines to scrub the carpet flooring and extract everything which is sitting underneath the carpet pile for a longer period of time.

  • It sprays water or diluted cleaning solution to the carpet and instead of vacuuming the residue.

  • It uses its soft brushes to scrub or moreover to comb the carpet and extract all dirt and dust out from carpets.

  • Rather than using a method of just spraying and vacuuming surfaces to remove dirt, the soft brushes on carpet scrubbers will reach to the very bottom of the carpet fabric, scrub the carpet all the way to the bottom and remove all dirt, debris or grime out from carpets.

This can be a faster way of getting carpets deep cleansed compared to the carpet shampooing method.


Carpet Shampooing

Perfect periodical carpet deep cleaning method recommended for carpets that have not had a deep cleaning for more than a year. We use state-of-the-art carpet scrub cleaning equipment and pre-spraying methods for shampooing and cleaning of carpet floors.

This shampooing method can be used on any type of carpet flooring either wool or synthetic. We use appropriate carpet cleaning solutions, carpet spot removal solutions and oxidizers to remove hard stains and dirt out from carpets and to rejuvenate carpet wools or fabric once the cleaning is complete.

How does it work?

  1. First step is the mandatory vacuum cleaning of the floors.

  2. In order to prepare carpet floors for cleaning, we pre-spray the carpet cleaning shampoo onto the surface and allow it to sit on the surface to activate and start cleaning fabrics.

  3. Then we use the carpet scrubber to deeply scrub carpet floors and remove all chemicals, dirt, and other residue from carpets. If you want to get most dirt out from carpet floors, ZAVVERS recommends the carpet shampooing method for any commercial or house carpet cleaning need.

Why is deep cleaning carpets important?

  • In many cases, the customer can be deceived by substandard cleaning services, only appearing visibly cleaned but not hygienically clean.

  • This can be commonly seen together with end of lease or vacate cleaning services, as many cleaners tend to cut corners to maximize their earning.

  • The end of lease cleaning could be a type of one-off cleaning service that many customers tend to have when moving out from a property.

  • Therefore, many cleaners who offer services for cheap, usually tend to make surfaces visibly cleaned, collect the money, and disappear without providing any after sale care, knowing that they would not meet the customer again.

Following video shows you a method of carpet deep cleaning that is used when a carpet floor needs an extra deep cleaning to be completed. Outer appearance of a carpet floor usually can be deceiving.

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