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How we clean different types of commercial property

ZAVVERS commercial cleaning service works with all types of businesses including; hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, exhibition centers, schools, educational centers, government organizations, manufacturing factories, food processing businesses, retail shops, shopping centers, council properties and strata properties across Perth WA.

Our services are convenient but quality assured to fulfill your business's cleaning needs. Customers can make decisions on how frequently our services are required for their varied properties for us to design the most suitable cleaning solution that meets all requirements. Whatever type of businesses you manage, we have exactly what you need.

Let’s take a look at how we clean different types of commercial property.

Office Cleaning

We hygienically clean every nominated area to meet required cleaning standards. It can include:

  • Washroom cleaning maintenance

  • Kitchen cleaning

  • Cleaning of furniture and workstations

  • Floor cleaning

  • Housekeeping

  • Special cleaning services as required

These services can be provided on a one-off, regular general, detailed periodical or on a contract basis to fulfill your business's unique cleaning needs.

Click here to learn more on our office cleaning services.

Industrial & Warehouse Cleaning

We provide one-off, regular, periodical and end-of-lease cleaning services compatible with warehouse cleaning standards. This could include:

  • Deep dust removal solutions

  • General cleaning maintenance tasks

  • Deep cleaning tasks as requested

This is a perfect solution to maintain warehouse cleanliness, and it can be provided only for areas specifically nominated by you at a time that is mutually agreed upon. Regular warehouse cleaning helps to reduce health issues that can occur due to long-term exposure to dust and dirt such as asthma, and in extension improve overall health of your entire staff.

Healthcare Cleaning

Every year there are millions of people affected by infectious diseases encountered in healthcare, hospital and other care facilities such as aged care, childcare, and disability care institutes.

Apart from general and deep cleaning services we provide, ZAVVERS offers these facilities special services such as:

  • Sanitation treatments

  • Disinfection treatments

  • Air-purification treatments

  • Deodorizing treatments

If required, we provide 100% non-chemical cleaning and green cleaning using only non-toxic and biodegradable agents. All our cleaning tools, equipment, and material are professionally cleaned after each job while designated material is only used to clean surfaces to prevent cross contamination.

Gyms, Sports Centers & Recreational Centers Cleaning

We clean all washrooms, toilets, and shower areas in these properties using professional cleaning solutions while maintaining industry standards. Touch-point sanitation treatment is applied to your property, meaning we manually wipe all touchpoints that are highly used, using proper disinfection cleaning chemicals.

Unlike cleaning with chemicals, using touch-point sanitation treatments on your property will reduce the repeated use of cleaning chemicals regularly. This treatment has the power to clean and sterilize a treated surface up to 100% by itself. We also clean all floors appropriately, remove bins and trash, clean glasses and windows, eliminate bad odors, and recommend solutions that reduce your future cleaning costs.

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