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Commercial Cleaning Service Categories

Cleaning tasks and services available for commercial cleaning needs can be categorised in to several group based on the purpose of how client wants to use these services for their businesses commercial cleaning needs.

General Cleaning

Commonly use under ongoing regular cleaning programs to maintains the required cleaning standard of the property on day-to-day basis. This cleaning does not require any special tools, equipment, machinery or harsh chemicals to perform but only minimal resources. Things that are commonly in use can be identified as vacuum cleaner, mop and a bucket, fresh cloths, duster and cleaning chemicals. Read more about what general cleaning standards are?.

General cleaning

Deep Cleaning

This is to provide thorough and attention to detailed clean-up to the property or to a section or a surface when it requires. This cleaning does not need to be carried out as frequently as the general cleaning service. Some of the deep cleaning services are; Tile & grout cleaning, Hard floor cleaning, Descaling of washrooms, cob-web removal, etc. Read more..

Deep cleaning

One-Off Cleaning

The commercial one-off cleaning service we offer is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of commercial entities seeking tailored cleaning solutions without the obligation of entering into a long-term contract. This flexible service model is perfect for businesses that require a particular cleaning task, service, or category to be addressed on an isolated occasion, rather than on a recurring basis. Whether you need a singular cleaning service or multiple services to meet a specific requirement, our one-off cleaning option provides the versatility to cover a wide range of needs.

Importantly, this service is not exclusively available to our existing or regular customers; it is open to all, including new clients, regardless of whether their cleaning needs are commercial or residential in nature. This inclusivity ensures that anyone looking for a specific type of cleaning service—be it a thorough clean of office spaces, deep cleaning of commercial kitchens, specialized cleaning for residential properties, or any other unique cleaning requirement—can access professional and efficient solutions tailored to their precise specifications.

Our one-off cleaning service is ideal for businesses and individuals who face occasional cleaning challenges that require professional attention. This could include post-renovation clean-ups, preparation for special events, seasonal deep cleaning, or addressing areas that don't typically fall within the scope of regular cleaning routines. By choosing this service, clients benefit from a high degree of flexibility, enabling them to maintain their premises to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene on an as-needed basis, without the commitment to ongoing services.

In summary, our commercial one-off cleaning service is a comprehensive solution designed for those seeking specific, professional cleaning interventions without long-term commitments. It caters to a broad spectrum of needs, offering the flexibility, inclusivity, and tailored approach that businesses and individuals require for their one-time cleaning projects.

One-off cleaning

Regular Cleaning

This is suitable when a property needs a cleaning contractor to maintain its cleaning duties on an ongoing basis, within frequent intervals, under an agreed cleaning schedule. Commonly it is used as daily basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance. Read more..

Regular cleaning

Periodical Cleaning

This service is required to provide mostly on properties with an existing ongoing regular cleaning program. Deep cleaning services will be provided on quarterly, semi-annually, and annual basis as pre-determined or only when the need is apparent for a deep clean. Read more..

Periodical clan

Spring Clean

Zavvers' Spring Cleaning service is a comprehensive and thorough deep cleaning package that goes beyond regular cleaning routines. Our team will focus on cleaning and refreshing every nook and cranny of your home and office including hard-to-reach areas and forgotten spaces. This package typically includes tasks such as deep dusting, thorough vacuuming and mopping, cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens, wiping down baseboards, cleaning windows and window sills, and much more. We understand that spring cleaning is about revitalizing your working and living spaces, so our team is dedicated to providing top-quality service that leaves your home feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated. Read more..

Spring clean
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