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General Cleaning Standards

Zavvers "General cleaning service" includes the cleaning of all internal and external surfaces, where specified and agreed upon. We will leave in your workspace in a state that both visibly and hygienically cleaned and refreshed once cleaned. Though it involves spray and wipe with vacuuming and mopping mostly, we never cut corners in our work. Why? because cutting corners might let dirt to build on a surface for a longer period untouched. That could lead to attract unwanted pests into your property without even no one noticing. With Zavvers you never receive a substandard service which makes you disappointed. We are about the Quality, Standards and Professionalism. It is our one of the primary objectives to always maintains the quality of our service to the highest standard. On many occasions the general cleaning is a service which provides to customer as a part of an ongoing Regular cleaning program, but it also can use as an one-off service only for a single time purpose. Tasks involve in General cleaning services usually does not require high-end tools or machinery or strong chemicals to perform. Most general cleaning tasks are mainly performed by using vacuum cleaner, fresh cloths, duster, sponge or a brush, deodorants and cleaning chemicals, mop and a bucket. family.jpg

At Zavvers, we believe in Top Quality Service Delivery and to provide a "Proper Cleaning", using proper tools, equipment, accessories, materials and chemical. Unlike many other, we never use all-in-one solutions to perform all cleaning tasks or, use the same dirty and over used cleaning cloths to wipe tables and benches which might also have used to wipe toilets. Our every cleaning personal is equipped with professional tools, equipment and accessories to perform general cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently. We use fresh cloths for each cleaning session and use colour coding system to avoid any cross contaminations. Cleaning chemicals that we use are commercially approved and are the ones that are most effective and specifically designed to perform certain cleaning tasks and to clean certain surfaces. Over the years we have identified how to offer more and a better service without compromising the time. With the help of using right techniques, solutions, accessories and materials, we provide a better and sustainable cleaning service to improve the durability and to retain the best appearances of all surfaces and interior fittings of the property. We never let dirt build up in corners or turn blind eye even on a small dirt which needs to be cleaned. Properly cleaned and well maintained properties will be able to make more savings from cleaning on the long run.

Standards and Duties of A Typical General Cleaning Service.

  • All bins are to be cleaned hygienically, lined, and presentable and located in an orderly manner. 

  • All floors need to be vacuum cleaned, mopped where needed and buffed if required.

  • All glass doors, windows, mirrors, handrails, and lifts are to be free from marks and polished.

  • ​​Kitchen benches, cook tops and exterior pantry cupboards are to be free from any marks or food dropping. 

  • ​Kitchen appliances, taps and sinks are to be free from food residues, cleaned and polished .

  • ​​Toilets and urinals are to be thoroughly cleaned, free from any residues and sanitised​​

  • Clean all bathroom mirrors and replenish paper and soap dispensers.

  • ​​Bathroom taps, sinks and benches are to be cleaned, free from hair and dirt, dried and polish. 

  • ​​All accessible areas are to be vacuumed cleaning using special vacuum brush to remove dust.

  • ​​All stainless-steel fittings such as taps, and showers shall be cleaned and polished.

  • ​All light fittings up to 2m height are to be cleaned and free of dirt, dust, insect debris, spider webs and marks.

  • Furniture are to be free from dust, polish the wooden if require and to be left safe and presentable manner.

  • All entry mats has to be shaken and cleaned as possible.

  • ​​Entry paths shall be free of dirt and appear clean and presentable.

  • All ashtrays and other waste receptacles will be cleaned, hygienic and located in an orderly manner.

  • All directional and tenant signage will be cleaned and presentable.

  • All fire stairs and egress paths will be cleaned and kept clear of any impediment.

Tasks do not include in regular cleaning maintenance?

Following cleaning tasks may or may not include in a day today general cleaning routing but, upon a request they can always be added into the daily routine as per your business's unique cleaning needs.

  • Cleaning of Rangehoods, exhaust filters or inside kitchen appliances

  • Cleaning of inside pantry and other kitchen cupboards 

  • Descaling Oven, grill, or BBQ machines to remove long build oily residues.

  • Descale the bathroom commode, urinal and clean shower screen to remove soap scums.

  • High-rise cleaning, cobweb removal and high dusting up to 3m height. 

  • Carpet shampooing, scrub cleaning, steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

  • Shampooing or cleaning of sofas, lounges, or fabric chairs.

  • Floor scrubbing and buffing, tile and grout cleaning or pressure wash cleaning.

  • Interior and exterior window wash cleaning and window tracks cleaning.

  • Gutter cleaning, lawn, and garden maintenance. 

  • Floors, table and bench tops strip and seal.

List of Cleaning Services

01. Regular General Cleaning
02. Periodical Detailed Cleaning
03. Spring Cleaning
04. End of Lease/ Move out Cleaning
05. Property Selling Cleaning
06. Post Construction/ Builders Cleaning

07. Renovation Cleaning
08. Carpet Cleaning 
09. Sofa and Fabric Cleaning
10. Windows/ Glass Cleaning
11. Floor (Scrub) Cleaning
12. Tiles and Grouts Cleaning

13. Washroom Descaling
14. Kitchen Deep Cleaning
15. Oven Cleaning
16. Pressure wash Cleaning
17. Lawnmowing 
18. Gardening (weed, trim, hedge, slash)

19. Anti-bacterial Treatment
20. Deodorizing Treatments
21. Fabric protection and sterilizing
22. Air-purifying Solution
23. Anti-fogging and Self-cleaning 
24. Surface protection & Low-maintenance Solutions

List of cleaning services
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