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Cleaning Materials

Nano Coating Solutions

Improve Health | Reduce Costs

1. Sanitation & Disinfection Nano  Coating

2. Deodorizing & Air-purification  Coating

3. Surface Protection & Self-cleaning Coating

4. Touchpoints Sanitation Nano Coating

(Surfaces that are constantly being used)

5. Cars & Automobile Protection Coating

(Interior and exterior coating)

Improve Health | Reduce Costs

  • Offers range of Nano-coating solutions.

  • Eco-friendly, Non-toxic and Transparent coating.

  • Applicable on almost all fabric and hard surfaces.

  • Great benefits including long lasting efficiency (up tp 2 years).

  • Activates automatically when Fluorescent/sun light presence. 

  • 99.9% sterilizing and purification efficiency rate when activated.

  • Prevent epidemic diseases and spreading of airborne virus infections. 

  • Touch points sanitation and safer environment in public places.

  • Improve the appearance and durability of applied surfaces.

  • ANTI-SUPERBUG, MRSA, H5N1 and SARS solutions.

  • Possible treatment to prevent spreading of Covid-19(Corona virus).  

  • Significantly reduce medical, cleaning and maintenance costs.

  • Protects Kids, Elderly and people with weak lungs or immune system.

Benefits of Nano-Coating Solution

  • Eco friendly, non-toxic, transparent and 100% green solution.

  • Significantly reduces the risks of getting most Respirator Tract Infections (RTI). 

  • Efficiently defeat epidemic diseases in public places and transportation.

  • Once applied the effectiveness can be lasts up to 2 years.

  • 24/7 protection when natural/fluorescent light is available.

  • Prevent Sick-building-syndrome and Sick-house syndrome. 

  • Eco-friendly Powerful Oxidizers sterilized surfaces up to 99.9%.

  • Reduce regular medical, cleaning & maintenance costs upto 60%.

  • Kill odor and prevent bacterial contamination, moulds and fungus. 

  • Anti-super bug Solution and kill viruses such as MRSA, H5N1 and SARS.

How Important the Nano Solution for You

Few self assessment questions are provided below for you to determine the right answer to the question asked above by yourself. The more "Yes" you get as answers, the higher the importance of having these solutions everywhere around you as possible. Those questions are as follow;

Do you really care about your family's or staff's or colleagues and clients well-being?

Have you noticed that your workplace's rate of employee sick leaves rising slowly?


Do you have young kids, aged relatives or even employees around and do they get sick often?


Do you have people around you with weak lungs, breathing issues or with weak immune system?  

Do you like to assure the people you care a healthier environment free from germs, viruses and bacteria?

Do you like to feel safe when touching a surface in public that many other people regularly use?

Would you like to keep your home, office or the car 99.9% air-purified and disinfected?

Were you looking for a solution that could help to reduce cleaning, maintenance and medical costs?

What is Nanopac?

We are Coating Specialists, providers of safe, affordable and long-lasting antimicrobial coating solutions that are easily applied to any surface or fabric. This water-based, non-toxic antimicrobial solutions are used to minimize the presence of harmful microbial contaminants in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, transportation, sports, education, hospitality, military and etc.

A thin layer of our specialized coating is applied to the surface being treated. We use a special Aerostatic Sprayer system to apply Nano coatings on these surfaces and it is more effective than using ordinary spray guns or manual application. This thin layer is transparent and it is not visible to naked eye even after application. 


The key ingredient in the coating is TiO2 (which when exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light, uses water or oxygen in the air to form activated oxygen. This is a powerful oxidizer that breaks down airborne toxins (VOCs) and decomposes surface bacteria, fungi and pollutants. This natural process leaves no chemical residues or vapors. The only by-product produced by the reaction is harmless water and carbon dioxide.

TiO2 is the catalyst, so it activates and accelerates the reaction without losing particles. Because it is not used up in the process, it does not need repeat applications like common disinfectants that are available in the market. Nanopac will keep on working for as long as the coating remains on the surface, normally it is up to 2 years.  

Where Do We Apply

We have various types of Nano Coating Applications that can be applicable on almost every type of surface to provide solutions for vast range of health and well-being issues. Some of the surfaces are listed below;  

  • Exterior Walls

  • Carpets, Fabric & Upholstery

  • Touch-points

  • Car Interior Exterior

  • Shopping Baskets & Trolleys

  • Interior Walls

  • Bathrooms & Shower screens

  • Medical Equipment

  • Leather & Fabric

  • Work Stations & Furniture

  • Exterior Windows

  • Phones & Electronic appliances

  • Toys & Sports gear

  • Air Conditioners

  • Sporting Gear & Equipment

  • Interior Floorings

  • Washrooms & Toilet Fittings

  • Gyms & Spas

  • Checking Kiosks

  • Airplanes, Buses, Trains & Taxis

Where Do We Apply

Total cost of a coating project can be varied to one another. We provide solutions to meet customers requirements. It can be a larger area or a smaller area or a single item or a multiple items you need to get coatings done, we want to offer you the best possible price that we can offer. Therefore, we always require our clients to arrange us a site inspection before we provide you with a price estimation or a quotation. 

Remember: For a better outcome it is 

Application Cost of Nanopac Interior or Exterior Solutions for Residential and Commercial Purposes.

Buildings, Windows & Glasses

$6.00 (up to 3m HEIGHT / Per Sq. meter)

Vehicles (Standard Car)

$150.00 onwards (interior or exterior)

Tools, Equipment, Fabric & Appliances


Detailed cleaning is required prior applying.

Free Product Awareness.

Free Coating up to 50 sqm on Larger projects.

Compliance monitoring.

Free Troubleshooting Service.

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