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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Why choose Zavvers Office Cleaning Service?

As business becomes complicated and growing, it can be difficult to allocate time and expertise to conduct a office cleaning operation by yourself or with your staff. You might not be able to perform a complete clean up as expected since there can be dependencies of time constraints. The need for working in a clean environment is essential for everybody as it gives a psychological relief in our busy daily schedules.

Zavvers Professional Office Cleaning Service.

If you are in business and you are looking for industrial-qualified and experienced commercial cleaning contractor to take care of your regular cleaning requirement, you have just come to the right place. We are industrial experienced cleaners and have proven the quality of our service by providing an excellent service and having positive feedbacks from our clients throughout these many years.

Your requirement for having a regular cleaning service may be daily, weekly or fortnightly. Based on what your cleaning requirement is, we design an ideal cleaning program to make sure that your expectations when having a professional cleaning service provider are met or exceeded. Whether your organisation is a small business or a large corporation, Zavvers cleaning service has the capability to cater services to meet, your expected level of cleaning standards throughout your commercial property.

Steps to hire a office cleaning service provider?

At Zavvers you can get your next regular office cleaning service set up in 4 easy steps.

Step #1 - Make the initial contact

This is the very first step to follow. To contact us please use phone number or email provided in our website or visit then fill up and send your inquiry form.

Tip #2 - Set up a site inspection

We want to understand how we can serve you better. Therefore, unlike most cleaning companies, we come to your office space have a first inspection done and to gather customer's requirements in detail.

Tip #3 - Prepare your own regular cleaning proposal

Once the initial site inspection is completed, we prepare you a cleaning service proposal considering all the factors that have been provided. It includes office cleaning frequencies, general cleaning tasks and sections, periodical cleaning tasks, emergency cleaning contact, price schedule, KPI's our recommendations, terms and conditions. This is expected to be only a proposal and it is flexible to make necessary adjustments upon an agreement after series of negotiations.

Tip #4 - Agreement & Refusal

If all terms and conditions are acceptable both parties can come to either an expressed or to an implied agreement. Upon an agreement we allocated required number of cleaning staff and utilise cleaning tools, equipment,, machinery, materials and chemicals as necessary. Thereafter, we get staff signed in for site inductions (if any), Send customer the details of cleaning personals at work, and required documentations (SWMS, MSDS) to the customer.

If terms are not agreeable, the customer has the total flexibility either to request a negotiation or to refuse the proposal completely. If customer desire to negotiate, we provide our fully corporation to come to a mutual agreement to benefit both parties or customer has the freedom to reject the proposal without any obligations.

The Best Office Cleaning Service Provider Perth

Zavvers commercial regular cleaning service provides cleaning services to maintains the best outlook of your commercial or industrial property on a regular basis. The level of cleanliness in your commercial property/work place, not only determines the way that public would look at your business but also it has direct and indirect effects on your employees overall productivity. Having the Zavvers regular cleaning service would allow you to receive a top quality commercial cleaning service in Perth region together with personalised, affordable, cost-effective and value-added cleaning solutions.

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