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Contract Cleaning Services

We plan, design and offer you a cleaning maintenance plan, with 100% compliance to your organization's unique cleaning requirements, without any modifications. 

  • An experienced commercial cleaning contractor.

  • One-stop-shop for all cleaning needs.

  • The top quality service at a competitive price.

  • The best value for money solutions and reduce costs.

  • Public liability insurance up to $20 000 000.

  • Workers compensation insurance.

  • Free site inspection and supervision.

  • General and periodical cleaning maintenance.

  • Fast response for non-schedule or ad-hoc cleaning requests.

  • 24 hour availability for a rapid respond. 

  • 100% compliance to government regulations.

  •  Corrective actions and Quality assurance.

  • Supply of consumable products, tailored & flexible solutions.

  • Use of trained and registered staff at each location.

  • Undisrupted and continuous professional service.

  • Assure no-complaints or minimal rate of complaints.

  • Professional and well-trained staff with uniforms.


Who uses the "Contract Cleaning" the most?

  • Government Organizations (councils, police. etc.)

  • Real estate agents/ owners

  • Corporate offices

  • Other Commercial Properties

  • Strata managements

  • Schools, University and Educational Centers

  • Care Centers (child, aged and day care)

  • Hospitals and Medical centers

  • Gyms and Sporting Centers

  • Hotels, Bars, Pubs and Clubs.

Find a professional office cleaning service.!

What Includes In Contract Cleaning Service?

Supply, distribute and maintain consumable products and stationaries.
Cleaning services will be carried out within all nominated areas at agreed time periods.
Provides a list of chemicals are in use and maintains relevant documentation (MSDS) as required.
Use of minimum water and electricity consumption for cleaning purposes.
Use of biodegradable, non-toxic and environmental friendly cleaning chemicals.
Take total responsibility on obtaining, using and securing all site keys and access cards.
Cleaning ensures that no damage to any surface and maintains the cleaner appearance at all times.
Equip with sufficient backup force, materials and equipment to guarantee the continuation.
Well-trained and professional cleaning personals with uniforms.
Utilize only the cleaning staff which has the prior approval of the customer.
Total compliance to the current Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.
Use of professional tools, equipment, chemicals and materials including proper signage. 
Maintain prompt and proper communication between the team and the customer.
Regularly attends to review meetings and comply with any reporting requirements.
Carries out regular Quality Control Audits (QCAs) at the end of each service.

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