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Touch-Point Sanitation

Feel safe and protected in public places

This is a specialized Nano-coating disinfection treatment to prevent infections transmitting one person to another.

What are Touch Points?

Places that are commonly being used by large number of people on regular basis.

Light switches, lift buttons, Air port checking items, hand rails, door handles, Toilet pads and buttons, Public transportation, Telephones, Kitchen drawers, Fridges and other electronical appliances, Table tops, Photocopy machines can be identified as examples.

People use these places regular basis over and over again without getting them constantly sanitized. It is just one infected person with virus flu or some other harmful pathogens needs to touch a touch point before you do to make you sick the following day. 

Cleaning Sink

Do You Know?

There is a sanitation and disinfection solution ONLY to apply "on touchpoints", which does not require repeat application and automatically sterilizes all treated surfaces up to 99.9% effectiveness after every single use.

It is not the kind of typical sanitation and disinfection services that are provided by most service providers. Most sanitation and disinfection cleaning services in Perth, provide spray and wipe methods to get the job done. They use microfiber cloths and "so-called" sanitizers or disinfection chemicals available in the market for the process. The actual question is how long the surface remain sterilized after the disinfection is completed. Actually, the effectiveness of 99% of these sanitation and disinfection chemicals available in the market, as good as until to the moment that someone uses the surface to the first time after the surface is

cleaned and sanitized. Thereafter germs and bacteria keep on developing on the surface every time when some one uses the surface until it gets again cleaned and sanitized. 


 Practically, we understand that, if a company use various chemicals for disinfecting surfaces with micro fiber cloths, face an impossible task to full fill if they are required to sterilize every surface for the next person to use in line, as soon after it is being used by someone else. It probably may require companies to allocate extra staff member dedicated for the each touch point in the property, just only for the task of sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. This involves a lot of money, chemicals and time which is ultimately result in increasing the customer's expenditure unnecessarily.

Zavvers Nano-coating as the best Touch-points Sanitation treatment in Perth

  • Once applied it lasts up to 2 years

  • Require natural sunlight or fluorescent light to activate

  • Activate and sterilize surfaces automatically

  • Kill all germs, bacteria and viruses that come to contact

  • Non-toxic, Transparent, Child-friendly

  • Works 24 hours throughout if light presence

  • Sterilization efficiency up to 99.9%

  • Prevent infections and contamination

  • Efficiently defeat epidemic diseases in public places

  • Improve health and Reduce costs

List of Cleaning Service

01. Phones/Tabs/Laptops

02. Sporting equipment

03. Work tools & equipment

04. Toys

05. Music instruments

06. Video arcade machines

07. Shopping trolley/ basket

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