Our Effort

Our effort is to give back to the society a certain portion from the every profit we make. It is about caring and encouraging the people who help you to build your business. Our customers can benefit from this provisions mainly in three different ways.   

1. As a Reward (under the reward program)

2. As a part of the Welfare program and,

3. As a seasonal promotion.

Zavvers is the new art of Saving!

Zavvers Penny-wise Rewards

Become a member of our rewards club and earn, save and spend rewards points with every transaction.

Zavvers of Youth (ZoY) Welfare Program
Seasonal Promotions

Our special offers are continuously changing between service to service and season to season. Find out what are the newest promotions available.

You contribute 1% from the every invoice your raise for the future benefit and the welfare of the poor, orphan and helpless kids living mostly on streets.  

How it works?

  • Become a MEMBER.

  • Use the membership number on bookings.

  • Receive statements quarterly basis.

  • Stay updated.


Zavvers Rewards Program

Zavvers PENNY-WISE rewards program offers all our members to save while they shop with us. You will be saving a 1% from every transaction you make and it will be credited in to a special account under the program. Rewards points you make will be able to;

  1. let it accumulate or,

  2. use on future transaction or,

  3. annually receive as gifts, vouchers or as cash returns. 

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