Nano Coating Solutions


  • Significantly reduce medical, cleaning and maintenance costs.

  • Prevent "Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)" and indoor air pollution.

  • 99.9% viruscidal, bactericidal and fungicidal efficacy

  • Apply transparent & non toxic TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) Nano-coating.

  •  Prevent infections, contaminations and automatically sterilize  surfaces. 

  • Single time application will last up to 2 years (depends on the traffic). 

  • Automatically activates and keep surfaces sterilized at all times.

  • Use of light (natural sun or fluorescent) to activate and works for 7/24.

  • More protection in public areas from airborne virus infections.

  • Commercial or a Residential Properties.

  • Airports, Bus stations, Train stations and Ports

  • Airplanes, Public transportation & Taxis

  • Medical centers, Childcare, Aged care, Schools.

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Pubs & Clubs.

  • Interior surfaces, Elec appliances, Bench tops

  • Sporting gear, Professional tools & equip.



Our Nanopac anti-microbial solution is a modified photocatalyst has amazing affect of killing almost all kinds of air borne bacteria or virus included their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1 etc. The performance last very long time due to the catalytic reaction mode. Our improved photocatalyst can thoroughly decompose bacteria, virus and their body and endotoxin. The photocatalyst can completely destroy the bacteria and virus directly, not just killing them, therefore it won’t lose its effect because of the bacterial body accumulation on the surface (e.g. silver antibacterial process). 


  • Anti-bacterial & anti-viral treatment of public places such as hospitals, schools, hotels, taxis, buses etc.

  • Prevent bacterial contaminations and to protect from contagious viruses from spreading.

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment for antibacterial mask, filter, gloves, clothes, device and products

  • In-house anti-bacterial, deodorizing, antiallergic and for epidemic protection.

  • Reduce cost of having temporary sanitation solutions/chemicals over and over again.

  • Reduce costs of health and medical


  • Broad-spectrum anti-microbial / anti-viral feature, kill almost all kinds of airborne bacteria and viruses. 

  • Meet anti-superbugs need and for those with weak lungs and breathing issues.

  • Possible solution to prevent the out spread of Covid-19(Corona virus).

  • Provide automatic sterilization and anti-allergen feature. 

  • For the anti-bacterial mask, filter and device industry. 

  • Long time efficiency, not need frequently reusing. 

  • Control and restrain outspread of mold and fungus. 

  • Efficiently defend epidemic disease in public places, such as hospitals, schools, hotel etc.


Perfect solution to protect your love ones, your staff and yourself from harmful pathogens at all times. Especially for those who are in businesses which sanitation and hygiene matter the most. Does your current cleaning program assure you that all surfaces are hygienically cleaned and free from germs, bacteria or from other harmful pathogens for people to safely use? Harmful microorganisms are everywhere and they move along with us. More you expose to them more severe the damage they could make. Now that time is over. We can apply our water base, transparent and non-toxic antimicrobial solution to any surface (including walls, bathroom fittings, toys, phones, furniture) or to any fabric (such as carpets, curtains, upholstery, car seats, cloths, leather). Having Nanopac's antimicrobial solution surrounding you, would destroy/minimize the presence of the harmful 

pathogens and keep you and your love one's protected from getting affected.

This is the best disinfection and sanitation solution available in Perth region which provides a vast range of benefits to users within a single solution. Followings are the places, institutes and organizations that we provide our disinfection solutions for.

Hospitals, medical centers and laboratories disinfection

Aged care centers and child care centers disinfection

House, offices and retail shop interior disinfection

Shopping centers, cinemas, theatres and stadiums disinfection

Hotels, restaurants, banquet halls and function halls disinfection

Bars, pubs, clubs disinfection

Airports, train stations and bus-ports disinfection

Airplanes, busses, trains, ferries and taxis disinfection

Warehouses and food transportation containers disinfection

Gyms, spas, changing rooms and public places disinfection

Washrooms and public toilets disinfection

​Some examples of why it is important for some industries to have nano-antibacterial coating on their businesses;

  • Aged cares -

Reduce people getting sick. Prevent spreading viruses through the air. Treated surfaces will be sanitized automatically when idle. Prevent the risk of developing molds and fungus in hidden areas.  

  • Child care services - 

Children can use toys and utensils what everyone has used without hesitation. Parents do not need to worry about your kid get caught with a contagious virus. Staff does not need to concentrate on regular sanitation of surfaces. Prevent carpets from becoming the hidden monster which makes kids sick with respiratory diseases.   


  • Hospitals and medical institutes - 

Extra assurance for visitors that it is a contaminations and infections free zone. Beds, cloths, uniforms, tools, equipment, electronic devices to keep sterilized at all times. Easy way to disinfect vast area with the 99.9% effectiveness through out the day. Significantly reduce the need of repeat application of sanitation and disinfection solutions.

Do not wait till the danger comes to your doorstep. We are surrounded by toxic gases, fumes and components that carry harmful pathogens, waiting to attack both your and mine well-being at the very opportunity it gets.  

This is a challenging issue for people to cope up with everyday especially for young kids, elderly and people with breathing and lung issues as the amount of toxic compounds/VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) releasing to the environment is rapidly increasing.

How Zavvers Disinfection & Airpurification Solution Improves Your Well-being?

  • It can easily apply to any surface that you use and surrounded by.

  • It only requires light (natural/fluorescent) to activate.

  • It activates automatically and sterilize the applied surface and surrounding air space too.

  • After it activated it starts cleansing the surfaces and air and destroy all harmful germs, bacteria and virus that mix in the air within the radius.

  • When activated it disinfect and purify air up to 99.9%.

  • It helps you to breath purify air at all times and stay safe from air-borne viruses and other diseases. 

  • It starts sterilizing all your tools, equipment, sporting gear and other surfaces (toilet seat) automatically soon after you are stop using.

  • You can use surfaces in public places more securely.

  • No germs, bacteria, viruses, molds or fungus activity within the treated surfaces.

  • Your kids can touch toys that every other kid touched and stay safe from any infections.

  • Travel securely on public transport without having fear of getting infections.

  • Prevent transmitting diseases through air and therefore it keeps you safe in a public place.

  • It reduces using cleaning chemicals, disinfections, and sanitizer especially with alcohol based that creates more VOC indoors. 

List of Individual Disinfection Coating Services

  1. Rugs and carpets disinfection

  2. Furniture disinfection

  3. Car interior

  4. Bedroom(s) disinfection

  5. Office rooms/ Patients rooms

  6. Bathroom/toilet disinfection

  7. Kitchen disinfection

  8. Fridge/ Microwave / Kitchen sink

  9. Personal equipment

  10. Electronic devices (mobile phones)

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