Nano Coating Solutions



  • Outdoor air purification (vehicle & industry exhaust purification, NOx)

  • Indoor air purification (sick-house/building syndrome, VOC)

  • Chemical & biological odor elimination system.

  • Automatically odor control and air purification solution and application.

  • Deodorizing function for textiles, leather and other materials. 

  • Reduce costs, improve the health, well-being & life expectancy. 

  • Commercial or a Residential Properties.

  • Purification efficiency up to 99.99%.

  • 100% mineralize harmful gas into H2O & CO2.

  • Most effective deodorizing application.

  • Organic odor removal from garbage, pets, urine, etc...

  • Reduce the cost of odor removal in public places such as schools, toilets, hospitals.

  • Seal and self-cycle condition odor control system.

  • Easy to apply on vast range of surfaces.


Nanopac photocatalyst is a novel deodorizing technology. There are two traditional odor control methods. One is to use some more strong smell to cover the odor, such as perfume. The other is to use physical method to absorb the odor and remove it temporarily. However, the Nanopac nano coat can effectively decompose the smelling materials and gases to produce water and carbon dioxide. Photocatalyst itself is a safe chemical substance with no extra pollution. It reacts as catalyst in the reaction so that its performance maintains longtime. As photocatalyst is effective to most odors, it can be widely used from daily life to industry processing to eliminate kinds of odor. Manufactures varieties kinds of nano coat products, which can be applied in different environments and places especially textile, to meet the needs of daily life and industry processing.


Nanopac coat is a next generation of air purification technology, which can treat air pollutions caused by more than 85% kinds of harmful gases such as car exhausts NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs. At the presence of light, photocatalyst produces hydroxyl radicals and holes (h+), which react with organic materials and harmful gases to produce water and carbon dioxide. There is no extra pollution in the whole purification process. The nanopac photocatalyst reacts as catalyst in the chemical reaction so that its performance will maintain longtime and it will never be consumed. What’s more, we have the innovative VLR (Visible Light Response) photocatalyst manufacture technology whose products are suitable for indoor use where UV light irradiation is weak. Watch our video about how the Air purification system works.



One of the best features that Zavvers Nano-coatings have is there are no restrictions about surfaces where the solution can apply. It can be applied on vast range of surfaces without any obstacles and within the right condition it starts working perfectly by it self. This is transparent and non-toxic solution which is not apparent of its existence even to the naked eye. Depends on the purpose of using the solution, that surface can be very smaller such as a shoe or it might also be as bigger as a hospital ward. Lets take some examples to understand better about the areas, where Deodorizing and Air purification solutions could be possibly applied to serve your business's unique needs. 

  • Offices, houses and automobiles. 

  • For factories need industry condition odor management system (such as plastic, leather and biotechnology).

  • Public toilets and washrooms, buses, trains, airplanes, taxis and vehicle fleets (Ethylene).

  • Smoking areas, garbage recycle centers, pump rooms, gully emptier and live-stock industries(Ammonia).

  • Garbage bins/ bin storages, Houses with farms, pets and cattle. 

  • Schools, hospitals, medical centers, child care centers, aged care centers and kindergartens.

  • Painting workshops, printing and printing factories.

  • Core reaction part of a air purifier and HVAC.

  • Building exterior surfaces, walls, windows and road facilities.

  • Supermarkets, meat and fish stalls and processing centers.

  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, function and convention centers.

  • Gyms, fitness centers, sporting clubs, spas, massage parlors and changing rooms.

  • Community centers, recreational centers, council operation centers and dog pounds.

  • Smoking areas, Livestock industry or Waste disposal facilities.


Benefits of Zavvers Deodorizing & Air-purification Nano-coating.

  • Purify most air pollution include NOx and VOCs.

  • Improve Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ).

  • 100% mineralize harmful gas to H2O and CO2.

  • Environmental-friendly, no extra pollution.

  • Organic pollutant decomposition.

  • Catalytic action mode, long-time performance.

  • Control bad smells (organic odor elimination) .

  • Eliminate air borne bacteria and virus.

  • Treatment for the people with increased smell sensitivity (pregnant women).

  • Prevent nose, eye and throat irritations from inhaling VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

  • Prevent Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

  • Reduce overall medical and cost of sick leaves.

  • Gives you a productive and healthier workforce or a family.

Additional Nano Coating Services

  1. Office room, bedroom & diningroom

  2. Washroom, bathroom or toilet.

  3. Air-conditioners & air vents.

  4. Council provided garbage bin(s). 

  5. Kids room/ Elderly room.

  6. Baby room.

  7. Taxis, cars and other vehicles.

  8. Footwear, Bags and Cloths

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