• Regular office cleaning & Periodical cleaning. 

  • Associated office cleaning services, Hygiene & Disinfection.

  • General office clean & Detailed/deep cleaning.

  • 100% compliance & Quality assurance.

  • Supply of consumable products, tailored & flexible solutions.

  • Consistency and visible transformation of the cleanliness.

  • Use of professional cleaning materials, tools and equipment.

  • Provide recommendations to improve quality & to reduce costs.

  • Regular supervision, attention to details & emergency respond.

  • Fully insured, highly experienced & optimum efficiency.

Attractive, customizable, and cost-saving



Sanitation & Disinfection

Deodorizing & Air-purification

Surfaces protection 

Touchpoints sanitation

Car treatments

The best office cleaning service in perth!

If you are in business and you are looking for a professional, qualified and experienced team of commercial cleaners to take care of your business's cleaning requirement, Zavvers could be the team with a solution that you have been long awaited. It may be a small office in a retail shop or in a medical institute or in an administration office or in an industrial building or it could be a complex of corporate offices locate in a multi-story corporate building, we provide a highly professional and a top quality commercial office cleaning solutions for business of any kind across the Perth's region.

Specialties of Zavvers Office Cleaning Service.

  • Provide vast range of associated cleaning services.

  • Suits for any type of a office with smaller or medium or larger office spaces.

  • 100% compliance, consistency and quality assurance.

  • Fully insured, well-trained and highly professional service.

  • Punctuality, reliability, responsibility, accountability and the quality.

  • Hygiene, disinfection, touchpoints sanitation, air-purification and surface protection services.

  • Tailored office cleaning solution to meet customer's specifications & the budget.

  • Greater flexibility to make changes upon prior agreement. 

  • Supply consumable products (if needed), cleaning equipment and personals.

  • Constant site supervision, employee audits and customer recommendations. 

  • Use of effective cleaning methods and proper cleaning solutions.

  • Offers non-chemical (steam) cleaning or use of non-toxic chemicals throughout.

  • Deep cleaning with highest attention to the details.

  • Solutions to reduce costs, improve durability and enhance the well-being.

  • Rapid respond to inquiries, proper communication and 24 hour customer care.

  • Provide complimentary services, discounted and value added services.

Find a professional office cleaning service.!

If your business operates in the industry for a long time and you have been trying so many different kinds of cleaning businesses throughout the period, your perception of office cleaning contractors must not be a quite positive as it should be. What most cleaning contractors promise is not what they provide. Maintaining the Consistency, Quality, Honesty, and Competency throughout the project duration are some key deliverables that most businesses are expected to receive in return from the investment that they make on office cleaning services. Unfortunately when cleaning contractors try to consider more on maximizing profits rather than focusing on the actually expected deliverables of their cleaning projects, ofthen leave customers with disappointment, further losses any also with permanent damages due to lack of maintenance which cannot be easily reversible.    

Scope of the office cleaning service

Inspect to identify the condition of the property and assess requirements.

Outline the cleaning schedule, gets approval and utilizes resources.  

Cleaning includes all nominated internal and external areas up to 3m height. 

Provide general cleaning services in regular basis and deep cleaning services in periodical basis.

Cleans kitchens, bathrooms, staff rooms, lobby, furniture, appliances and etc...

Assure not only a visibly cleaned office but also hygienically and thoroughly cleaned surfaces.

Offer cleaning services during and after business hours as customer's requirements.

Facilitate range of cleaning services to meet almost all type of customer's cleaning needs. 

24 hours availability and 7 days a week to receive any callout requests, queries or for complaints.

Clean, service and maintain tools and equipment appropriately.

Supply, distribute and maintain consumables as require and be prepare for any contingencies.




Cleaning services that do not require to provide on regular basis but available to provide as a part of a commercial cleaning service upon a customer request especially on periodical basis. These are individual services that are available to include as add-ons to your existing commercial cleaning program.


Interior and exterior windows washing and detailed cleaning is provided.


Fabric or leather office furniture, sofa, lounge and curtains are cleaned using steam or hot water extraction cleaning.


Carpet steam cleaning, Carpet hot water extraction, Carpet shampooing, Carpet scrubbed and deep cleaning, Carpet dry cleaning and Carpet spot cleaning are provided


Any type of a interior or exterior hard floors will be scrubbed and deep cleaned. This includes floors such as wooden, rubber, vinyl, tiles, terrazzo, marble, slate, natural stones, lime stones and etc. 

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